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Zen design simplicity and elegance brings peace to your condo: an oasis in a chaotic world

These days, day-to-day living is pretty chaotic. It can be difficult to manage the stress and unwind after a long day of constant movement and pressure. With that in mind, it is no wonder that millennials and baby boomers alike strive to find new ways to relax and free their minds. Yoga, Pilates, and deep meditation go a long way. Another way to bring peace and harmony to your home is to create a unique, Zen living space that will turn your condo into the perfect retreat.


Going zen in your condo means elegant simplicity, warmth and focal points. Here, the focal point is the TV, but this could easily be a painting, sculpture, water feature or fireplace. The key is to have one prime focus. Warm wood floors and simple — but luxurious — furniture make this an escape oasis. Nothing is nicer than coming home to a peaceful zen-like condo.



A Central Living Space

Begin with a central spot in your condo, such as the living room. This will give you a feeling of peace and tranquility as soon as you walk through the door, allowing you to leave your worries behind you. That does not mean that you need to completely shut out the world around you. Pull back the curtains to let the sunlight in, but leave the windows closed to shut out the chaos and noise of the outside world. Furnishings and décor should be soft shades, and playing soothing music will certainly help you to unwind after a stressful day.

            Monochrome rooms in soft, earthy shades are typically the best for Zen living spaces. Utilize a singular shade throughout your furnishings and décor, then add matching objects and textiles. Offset the colour so that it is not overwhelming by incorporating eggshell white, ivory, or subtle tan shades throughout your room as well.


Keeping it simple and warm brings a feeling of peace. Monotone colours and wood floors also instil a sense of peacefulness.



Simple, Natural Furnishings

Zen living consists of simplicity and nature. Wooden floorings are ideal for Zen interiors. Utilize high quality furnishings and décor made from natural materials, as these will invoke a sense of warmth and serenity. Place the bed near a natural light source and away from the door. Create a simple reading nook by placing an armchair and small bookshelf next to the window or on the balcony. The most important thing you can do to finish off your Zen space is to eliminate all clutter so that you have a calm, relaxing atmosphere free from stressors.


Zen design is all about features and focus. As always, with a feature — such as this water feature in front of a window — you should not overdo. One is better than two. For that reason, something simple, clean but unique is ideal. Water features are very zen.



The Great Outdoors, Even in a Condo

Create your own private oasis on the balcony or terrace. Small fountains and plants can provide a delicate, calming scene where you can get away and relax with a good book. Planting a small herb garden is also quite relaxing, and a benefit of doing so in a condo is that balconies are typically out of reach of pests that might damage your crops or other plants. Then add a rock garden and some incense to top it all off.

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