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With Toronto set to grow by 42% in next 25 years, Tridel and Elby’s green collaboration aims to ease traffic congestion with e-bike alternative

With Toronto projected to grow by 42 percent in the next 25 years [1] — walking and cycling will grow in importance in city-planning. Hybrid and electric cars may be green, but are no help with congestion. Stressed-out commuters are already looking for alternatives to congested roads and standing-room only transit. One popular solution — not only for congestion, but for parking stress — is already apparent in congested areas of Asia and Europe: the environmentally-friendly e-bike.

Ontario is set to invest over $93 million on bike lanes, including 25.6 million put aside to help with Toronto’s Ten-Year Cycling Network Plan. The global market for electric bicylces is expected to grow from $15.7 billion (today) to $24.3 billion by 2025. [2] In China, nearly 200 million e-bikes are on the road today, versus a few thousand in the 1990s. One report has e-bikes growing to 2 billion on the road by 2050. [3] As congestion grows in other urban centres, so will e-bike sales.


Toronto bike lines currently. They are set to expand over the next 10 years. E-bike and bike adoption can help ease congestion in Toronto.


At the same time, condominiums and vertical living are surging in popularity, in part due to congestion, and in part due to affordability. A growing cohort of new home-owners are “buying vertical” to live closer to work, reducing the excruciating commute each and every morning. Condo owners are also more likely to bike, e-bike, moped, or walk to work. New technologies, and notably e-bikes — hybrid electric bycicles — will also help ease congestion as the population grows.


E-bikes on city streets ease congestion. Elby is a latest-tech hybrid lithium ion e-bike with advanced safety features, such as hydraulic disc brakes.


Tridel partners with Elby

Tridel, one of Canada’s top condominium developers — and a company known for “green” and environmental innovations — teamed up with Elby e-bikes to help encourage “green commuting,” and to ease traffic stress for condominium residents. E-bikes, already ubiquitous in much of high-congestion urban areas of Asia, are growing in popularity in Europe and North America.


Expected growth of the e-bike market in US billions of dollars.


The initial kick-off program — designed to raise awareness and adoption of environmentally-friendly electric bikes — includes an exclusive discount for Tridel condo owners, and a contest for a give-away of 3 e-bikes. Tridel is also participating in displaying the e-bikes at three of their presentation centres.

“We are excited about the potential of our collaboration with Elby,” said Jim Ritchie, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Tridel. “E-bikes are popular in world-class cities like Paris, Amsterdam and London because they have a lot of benefits. The Elby was specifically designed for urban environments, and we think it’s a great solution for our homeowners.”


Tridel — Built Green, Living Green, Commuting Green

“Sustainable living is core to the Tridel vision,” according to the Elby page on the the Tridel website. For many years, Tridel has been known and distinguished by their “Built Green” trademark and philosophy. Now, Tridel is encouraging it’s communities to also think in terms of green commuting and living.

“Green building, sustainability and innovation are core to the Tridel vision, as is keeping up with purchasers’ desire for amenities that add value to condo life,” explained Jim Ritchie, Exceuctive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Tridel. “Our collaboration with Elby allows us to offer our customers a convenient, energy-efficient, affordable and fun way to navigate the city.”



The Elby e-bike is popular in cities because of city-specific features, such as strong hydraulic disc brakes, safe LED lighting and pedal-assist hybrid electric technology. Lithium batteries give the e-bike range without weight.

“Elby was created specifically for city use with a step-through design that is easy to get on or off (even in work clothes), automotive safety features like powerful hydraulic disc brakes, bright LED lighting and the leading power and range in the industry which goes about 120 kms on one charge,” said Managing Director Scott MacWilliam. “The Elby is a perfect solution for condo buyers looking for a convenient, easy and affordable way to get to work, run errands, visit friends or just get around while avoiding traffic gridlock.  We are excited to team up with Tridel and offer their customers a fun, functional, and future-proof way to move through our cities efficiently and sustainably.”


Mississauga’s community bike routes currently.


Bike Lanes

E-bikes and hybrids are made for bike lanes, streets — anywhere a regular bicycle can go. As the bike lanes evolve over the next ten years in Toronto, fortunate condo dwellers, closer to work, and able to commute by bike or e-bike, will reap the benefits of a greener Toronto.

Both Toronto and the greater Toronto area, including Mississauga, have bicycle growth plans. (See maps for current routes.)


Roughly two decades ago, Tridel was already thinking ahead on the Green strategies. The Richmond, downtown, was initially marketed in pre-sale with a bicycle garage.


Elby on display at Tridel Presentation Centres

The Elby is on display at:

  • Bayside Presentation Centre, 261 Queens Quay East
  • Tridel Store, 91 Sheppard Avenue East
  • Tridel Head Office, 4800 Dufferin Street

Tridel has always been at the leading edge of technology. According to their innovation mission: “80 years and 80,000 homes have created an incredible innovation incubator of ideas that have been life tested. Every day we work to evolve what we do, no matter how small, taking the ordinary to the extraordinary. We know to effect real change, we need to be fearless and have an open culture that welcomes critical thinking. One that yes, even recognizes mistakes.” [5]


E-bikes are also about comfortable urban living with a minimal carbon footprint.


About Elby

The Elby was the brainchild of Frank Stronach, the Canadian founder of Magna International. It takes e-bikes to the next level in safety and technology, with advanced lithium-ion batteries, hydraulic assist disc brakes and supple comfort for long rides. It was named “best e-bike” for 2017 by Outside Magazine. [4]


Elby parked. Elby can also help beat the parking costs and stress in the GTA.


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