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Unique Ideas to Spruce Up Your Walls

Walls are typically white because it is universal; and it reflects light extremely well, often making otherwise dim and dreary rooms look much brighter. Despite good intentions, a plain white room can often feel bland and uninspiring. That does not have to be the case, however. Think of a plain white wall as a blank canvas. It is what you make it; and with the right amount of creativity, it can be something incredible. The following are some unique ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

Wall of Portraits

Choose a wall that is in a prime location and turn it into a photo wall. Choose your favourite photographs… those of family, friends, and special occasions (such as graduation, your wedding, honeymoon, family vacation, etc.) Arrange them on the wall as a collage. Do not worry about strict lines and perfect framing. Hang them in a way that is appealing and draws attention without seeming too methodical. This will make it feel more like home than something out of a museum or gallery.

Before hanging your portraits, though, you will want to decide on the paint or wallpaper. Choosing the right colour for the backdrop can make the wall stand out while simultaneously tying the room together. If you are decorating in monochrome but still want to spruce up your wall to make it stand out more, try painting photo frames onto your photo wall. Then photos can be fitted into some of the frames, while others can be used for individual pieces of art that can be completed over time. You can paint a few frames sporadically or cover an entire wall in them.

Of course, painting actual art onto the walls in the frames is best if you own your home and do not plan to move, at least anytime soon. If not, printed artworks or those drawn on paper would be your best bet so that they can be removed when necessary. Either way, an artistic wall like this will truly make for a unique and interesting conversation piece, and no one will be able to complain that your walls are too bare.

Vertical Stripes

Large scale vertical stripes in deeper colours make a bold statement. Painting stripes on your wall or choosing striped wallpaper can make your home feel cozier. Small scale stripes in softer colours, on the other hand, tend to make a space feel larger and more open. Striped walls or those utilizing stripes in some way work best in narrow hallways, especially with some sort of furniture or décor standing in front of it.

Big Ideas for a Small Space

Get creative with a small space by making it seem larger and more complex. Ideas that seem overwhelming or too “out there” for an entire room may be perfect for a small, closet-sized office, a hallway, or some other equally small space. It allows you to be bold without taking too large of a risk. A realistic wallpaper could liven up your home with minimal effort. Choose something that stands out, like a realistic brick wallpaper.

Add Some Flair to Your Workspace

A unique idea for decorating your workspace is to wallpaper the back of your bookshelf. It adds character and makes the space feel a little more like home, which can be quite soothing in an otherwise hectic environment where one can get lost in a mountain of projects and deadlines.

Wall of Mirrors

Mirrors are great because they can give the illusion of a much larger space. They can also be quite beautiful, they come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be utilized in any way imaginable. One great way to use mirrors is to create a wall of mirrors. This does not necessarily mean to cover every square inch of your wall, from floor to ceiling. Creating a geometric shape or some other unique design out of mirrors can make a wall seem interesting, while also opening the room up quite a bit. Choose a wall that faces some unique artwork or something else for an even more interesting view.

Paint a Mural

Another creative idea is to paint a wall mural. This can be customized to your own personal preferences, and it works well in a family room or in a child’s bedroom. The mural can be as large or small as you desire, and you can paint it yourself or hire an artist to do it for you. Murals are excellent conversation pieces. Murals can sometimes make it harder to sell your home in the future, as they are difficult to conceal. However, they can also make your home much more valuable to an art lover, especially if a local or well-known artist paints them.

A mural can also make a space feel more open and inviting. For example, the mural below could be painted at the end of a hallway, giving it the illusion that it goes on further and opens up to something larger.


A Piece of Home

Celebrate your heritage by painting a flag on one of your walls. This would work well above the sofa, a bed, or a desk. It can be particularly meaningful to someone who lives far from home and wants to bring their two worlds together.

Alternately, If you travel often (or someday hope to), an interesting idea could be to turn a single wall into a large world map. Geography buffs would get a kick out of this unique wall, and it could even serve as the background for collage. Hang a photograph or souvenir from every place you have lived or visited.


Auberge on the Park-Tridel


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