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Unique Ideas for an Urban Indian Kitchen

Everyone has their own, unique sense of style when it comes to interior design, and kitchens are no exception. Some prefer a more laid-back style that reminds them of summers spent at grandma’s house, while others enjoy the clean lines and sophistication of modern furnishings and décor. This series will take a look at the many different styles from around the world, starting with the urban Indian kitchen.


Fully-Functional Kitchen Island

If you are looking to create the ideal urban Indian kitchen and have enough square footage in your condo kitchen, you may want to include a full-sized island with all the trimmings. A stove top on the island keeps everything organized, while freeing up counter space and providing a central workspace for cooking. Counters can be used for décor and placing finished dishes, while the island contains shelves for storage and adequate space for all your cooking and food prep needs.


Abstract Backsplash

Add a splash of colour and bring an element of Indian style with an abstract backsplash that makes a statement. Patchwork tiles work well and can brighten up the most monotone of spaces without clashing too much.


No Handles

The use of cabinetry sans handles creates an ultra-sleek design that will modernize any kitchen. Paired with a patchwork backsplash and dual-tone wall accents, these cabinets and appliances will create an ultra-modern kitchen while also incorporating a uniquely Indian style.


Minimalism at its Finest

Incorporate symmetry and organization into your kitchen for a minimalist design. Reduce clutter to free up counter space for food prep. While some avoid extreme minimalism because the spaces feel more empty and clinical, others prefer these designs for their simplicity and functionality. After all, it is not easy to cook a three-course meal for a family gathering if every square-inch of your space is covered.


The Galley

Although large spaces and kitchen islands are great and can give ample room for food prep and entertaining, a galley layout is more feasible for smaller spaces. Modular storage and counter space provide functionality in a small space. Limit clutter to free up more space. To keep the space from feeling claustrophobic, create an open floor plan that limits the number of surrounding walls. If this is not possible, then an archway rather than a door will make the kitchen feel more open. Since floor space is limited, make the most of your walls. Create the illusion of more space with a geometric backsplash and utilize tall cabinets, pantry, and refrigerator for adequate storage.


Diffused Lighting

If your kitchen lacks proper lighting (whether natural or artificial), consider a unique alternative to traditional light fixtures. Incorporating recessed strip lights into the ceiling and under cabinets will brighten up the space where needed and add a unique touch to your urban kitchen.


Auberge on the Park-Tridel


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