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Unique Decorating Ideas for the Out-of-the-Box Thinker

Decorating your condo can be pretty exciting. You can use the trendiest styles, create an amazing look using one central theme, or combine any number of styles to make it entirely your own. If you are a particularly creative person, then you may have a less traditional approach to decorating. The following are sure to inspire the out-of-the-box thinker.

Indoor Treehouse or Playhouse

Treehouses are every kid’s dream. Hours of fun can be had, climbing and playing around. If you live in a condo, this can seem impossible. Without a backyard, you cannot have a treehouse. Or can you? Bring the outdoors inside with an indoor treehouse or playhouse, which can be custom built to your specifications, and you can design and build it to look just like a tree. The treehouse can also double as a loft bed.

Indoor Treehouse; Credit: Housely

Escher-Inspired Floor or Wall

An Escher-inspired floor or wall can be a fascinating addition to your condo, as well as a conversation starter. Use a similar pattern or idea to cover your entire floor, in one area similar to a rug, or as a mural on the wall. An Escher-inspired design behind your bed would certainly make for an interesting alternative to the traditional headboard.

Escher-inspired floor; Credit: Goods Home Design

Artistic Décor

Get really creative with artistic décor and furnishings. This can be really fun and vary according to your own personal likes and interests. An aquarium table, artistic sofa, and any other out-of-the-ordinary furniture or décor can add a unique touch to your condo and reflect your personality. It is also sure to be the highlight of your get-togethers.

Spaghetti Bench; Credit: eBuild


Alternative Blinds

If you have a boring view outside your windows, then consider investing in alternative blinds. Aalto+Aalto is one company offering unique blinds, called Better View blinds. These perforated blackout curtains, designed by Elina Aalto, are available in five different designs, each one a city view… Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, Helsinki, and Stockholm. The “views” are cut out so that the light comes through, illuminating the scenery.

Better View Blinds; Credit: Elina Aalto

Hammock-Like Tub

If you are renovating your condo bathroom and space permits, consider installing a hammock-like bathtub. These tubs provide ultimate relaxation and comfort for bathing and pampering yourself after a long day.

Hammock Tub; Credit: Splinter Works

Paint Chip Wall Mural

Do you have a lot of paint chips that you have collected over the years? If so (or you have access to a lot of them), consider covering an entire wall or a partial wall in them for a creative alternative to actually painting.

Paint Chips Wall; Credit: Liz via Flickr


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