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Tridel company DelSuites wins prestigious award for sustainability

It might be, the next time you book a hotel room somewhere in the world, that your top concern is the price. Everybody wants to get a good price, as the Trivago guy never stops reminding us. But for business travellers and other people who need more than just a few nights’ stay in Toronto, there’s another option you might not have thought of: corporate housing, also known in Canada as furnished accommodation. And the name to look for in corporate housing in Toronto is DelSuites, a member of the famous Tridel group of companies. DelSuites is just now celebrating its latest award. The US-based Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) has given DelSuites—the first Canadian company so honoured—its Best Green Progress Award.

In its release, CPHA says that the Best Green Progress Award is an annual worldwide award that recognizes one company “that exemplifies a dedication to environmental responsibility and social performance through proactive policies, focused planning and targeted activities.” The award goes to an organization that shows a “comprehensive sustainability program” and a track record of “consciousness” regarding operations, client education and awareness among team members about how to improve environmentally responsible business operations.

As many tens of thousands of homeowners in the Toronto area already know, the parent company of DelSuites, family-owned and operated Tridel, is one of the most awarded, long-lived companies in the residential real estate industry, with a history of building that goes back more than eighty years. Tridel is Canada’s largest condominium builder.

The company’s commitment to the green cause—a company slogan is Built Green, Built for Life—goes back to 2000, when the president of Tridel, Leo DelZotto, realized that the development industry’s interests were not antithetical to environmental concerns. Rather, after meetings with experts in the field, he saw that better-run buildings consume fewer resources and produce less waste, which can mean savings for homeowners. Building green, in short, is good for the planet and good for homeowners. The first green building from Tridel followed soon after, a condo called Element that used, among other innovative technologies, the deep lake water cooling system provided at the time by Enwave.

Since then, Tridel has led the country in green residential condominium building. According to the company’s first sustainability report (2015), more than 20 per cent of condos in Canada with LEED certification, representing 9.53 million square feet, are built by Tridel, with many more in the pipeline.

Source: Tridel

The environmental impact of this sustainable building is enormous: compared to standard code compliant buildings, Tridel green communities use on average one-third less electricity, 39 per cent less natural gas, 40 per cent less potable water, and generate 40 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions and 82 per cent construction waste.

The environmental benefits of each green suite built by Tridel are equivalent to what would be achieved by removing 1.64 cars from the roads of Toronto for one year. As of 2015’s sustainability report, that amounted to 14,903 cars.

Source: Tridel


The ability of our business to create social and environmental change is a privilege. We make conscious choices to leverage the power of our employees, brands, customers and partners to support positive long-term changes that expand awareness and empower people in our communities to take action.

As part of its near-term sustainability goals, reaching to 2021, Tridel has initiated a Resilient Building design initiative intended to rethink how buildings are designed and built to adapt to climate change. Tridel condominium buildings would be subject to a full lifecycle evaluation. As well, Tridel says it will work with all of its companies, including DelSuites, to help them determine their own sustainability plans and to ensure that operations and consumer usage are as environmentally responsible as possible. Building responsible and sustainable communities is a core value at Tridel.

Clearly, Tridel is a company that takes its leadership role seriously, calling its ability to create social and environmental change a “privilege.” This culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility is shared by member companies, like DelSuites. Those who book into a furnished suite for a stay in the Toronto area can do so knowing not only that they are getting good financial value, but that their accommodation was built by Tridel to the highest sustainability standards. And that is why DelSuites is honoured with the Tower of Excellence Best Green Progress Award.

As DelSuites president Dan Henderson put it, “This award serves as a reminder that we can always continue to grow and find new ways to progress toward a more sustainable future.”


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