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Toronto’s Four Seasons offering luxury private jet tours

As a way of seeing the world, cruise ships are so last century, so confining, so crowded, so slow. As Samuel Johnson wittily observed, “Being in a ship is being in a prison, with the chance of being drowned.” Today’s faster-paced world voyagers prefer to travel by jet, and Toronto’s Four Seasons Hotels has just introduced its new Private Jet excursions service to let them do so in luxury. An “around the world journey” on the Four Seasons Private Jet flies to places that no cruise ship could ever reach, and in far less time if they could. Adventurous and curious travellers from across the globe are seeking the unique travel experiences that Four Seasons is offering, the luxury hotel chain says.

The company has just unveiled its new specially fitted Boeing 757 jet in Four Seasons livery, calling it the establishment of a “new standard in luxury hospitality experiences.” The jet has just fifty-two seats in the cabin, much reduced from the usual 200–290 seats in regular 757s. This makes it quite spacious for passengers, as one would expect on a “private” jet. There are hand-crafted leather flatbed seats for napping, hand woven woolen carpeting, “cosy Mongolian cashmere blankets” and fine tableware. A journey with Four Seasons will be a “fully immersive” experience, we are promised, in which every need of the modern luxury traveller is anticipated and exceeded.

Travellers are accompanied by ten Four Seasons-trained in-flight crew, including an executive chef, a sous chef, a Four Seasons concierge and a Global Guest Services Manager. The dining experience, according to a press release, has been taken to an entirely new level, with a quality of culinary excellence, presentation and service rarely enjoyed in the skies.

But will our luxury travelers be bothered by bratty or ill-tempered children? Not likely. These journeys’ itineraries, menus and alcohol service are designed “with adults in mind.” Four Seasons recommends that any children who come along should be older than twelve and “well-travelled.” Crying brats are not welcome.

We did say that these are luxury excursions. The one that includes LA, Bora Bora, Sydney, Bali, the Taj Mahal and Mumbai, Prague and London is priced at USD $132,000, pretty much inclusive of everything for the three-week trip. The twenty-four-day itinerary that includes Costa Rica, Sydney, Mauritius, Serengeti, Petra and Lisbon costs $137,000. Travellers should come packed for hiking, kayaking, diving, zip-lining, and safaris, as well as for first-class hotels and restaurants, art galleries and concert halls, and the usual other touristy things people do in foreign places.

Here is a look at the jet.

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