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Teen activist urges peers to get involved by volunteering

When you hear a person described as an activist, humanitarian, motivational speaker, actor, and the founder and executive director of the largest youth-run organization in Canada, you might expect to see a man or woman with a fairly substantial number of years behind them. In the case of Shane Feldman, that number is just eighteen. He is, in other words, still a teen.

His organization, Count Me In, which he founded when he was all of thirteen years old, promotes volunteerism and positive change among high school students. And now, Shane Feldman is challenging teens all over Canada to make volunteering “the coolest trend of 2013.”

The movement, which exhorts students to “get involved and make a difference,” taps into the unique energy and “spark” that Feldman says every person has, turning that spark into a life-changing, socially beneficial activity.

“Last year youth around the world witnessed how social media movements like the Arab Spring, Occupy Movement and Kony 2012, influence change, but in 2013 we need to do more than shout,” says Feldman. “We need to put our words into action.”

Here are Felman’s top 5 volunteer activities that teenagers can get into to make the world a better place in 2013.

  1. Feed the homeless; volunteer at a local soup kitchen!
  2. Are you a pet lover? Volunteer at an animal shelter!
  3. Create your own movement by partnering with youth focused NGO’s
  4. Organize a community park clean-up!
  5. Become a tutor at your school or local library!

“If you are not happy with what you see, take an active role and volunteer and help start the change,” says Feldman.

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