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Space-Saving Ideas for Small Condos Part III

Closets and Storage

Condo layouts, much like detached houses, vary according to size and structure. When space is limited, certain areas gain more focus than others. In order to ensure a sale, the sellers will focus on the main features, such as appliances that need to be replaced or upgraded, repairs that need to be made, and carpet that needs to be replaced.

Often, the small details fall by the wayside, even though they can sometimes be major selling points depending on the person. The majority of closets, for instance are rather simple. Even large, walk-in closets have a plain layout. While this is perfectly fine for some people, others may need more storage options, especially if they are sharing a space with others.

In this final installment of the series on Space-Saving Ideas for Small Condos, we will focus on closet expansion and organization, as well as creative solutions for many of the issues that arise from lack of adequate storage. The following are tips for using and upgrading various closets around your condo in order to get the most out of the space you have.

Makeshift Pantry

Sometimes, certain features will be sacrificed in order to make more room for others. One such feature that may be missing is the pantry. If your kitchen does not have a pantry or adequate cabinetry, then you will need to come up with another solution. In the last article, we discussed a couple of solutions. These included recessed cabinetry and additional furniture which can be used to store food and extra dishes, such as fine china.

However, sometimes these solutions are not feasible. Limited space will make it difficult to add furniture, such as wardrobes and shelves. Recessed cabinetry will not work for everyone either. If you cannot renovate due to lack of time or funds, or if that type of renovation is prohibited or otherwise not possible, then you will need to find another solution. One option is to convert an unused closet into a makeshift pantry.

In my last apartment, I did not have a pantry. The one-bedroom and three-bedroom units had pantries, but the two-bedroom units did not. Because I barely had enough cabinet space for my dishes, I needed to come up with an alternative. So, I emptied out the coat closet, which was right next to the kitchen and entryway, and added shelving to convert it into a pantry. Since we had a walk-in closet in the bedroom, we were able to move the stuff from the coat closet into there. Even if you do not have a walk-in closet or another storage option, you can still get creative and upgrade your other closets in order to make sure that there is enough space for everything.

Upgrading Your Bedroom Closets

If you or your children share a room with siblings or roommate, you may find that there is a significant lack of space available for all your belongings. There is only so much room on a single bar, after all. If this is the case, then you may need an upgrade. Fortunately, there are some creative and fun ways to expand your closet. Install large shelving units with upper and lower rods to give yourself room for clothes, shoes, extra bedding, and anything else you need to store.

Closet organizer systems like this one can add much more space
for all your clothes and other belongings. Credit:

Vertical Hangers

Another way to increase space in your closet is to use vertical hangers, shoe racks, and boot organizers. Many people become overwhelmed with a lack of square footage that they forget about vertical spacing. Floor space may be limited, but you have plenty of wall space to work with.

Vertical hangers and boot organizers make it possible
to store even more in less space. Credit: Wayfair

Brackets versus Rods

Brackets serve as a unique alternative to traditional hanging rods. Use them to hang all your clothes, while separating them by category… jeans, blouses, T-shirts, uniforms, and more. This allows you to make use of as much vertical and horizontal space as possible, letting you fit everything you own without overcrowding your condo.

Brackets allow you to hang much more clothing
than traditional rods. Credit: IKEA

Turn Your Closet into a Dressing Room

Sometimes, master bedrooms are designed to be smaller in order to fit a walk-in closet, which is intended to draw more buyers by making a space look larger than it is. Although it can be a bit frustrating trying to fit everything into such a small bedroom, but it can be done. In fact, moving things around can work out even better than you imagined. If you have a walk-in closet, then move your dresser and mirror into the back of the closet. This will convert your ordinary closet into a full-scale dressing room where everything is within reach. Alternately, you could have a dresser built into your closet organizer. Then just add a chair and full-length mirror.

This Pinterest-worthy closet doubles
as a stunning dressing room.

Office Organizers and Baskets

Use wicker baskets to store your items if additional storage is not available. These baskets can be used for storing old mementos, photographs, out-of-season clothing, etc. Place them underneath clothes, in the back of your closet, or on the top shelf so they are useful but out of the way. Office organizers can be used to store small purses and clutches neatly on a shelf. Hang a vertical organizer in your closet to store larger purses, sweaters, and hats.

Vertical organizers provide extra storage in limited space.
Credit: DormSmart

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