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Solar Roadway crowdfunding surpasses $1.5 million

This is an update on a story we posted back in April (Solar Roadway would make dumb roads smart). At the time, the inventors of the exciting new solar roadway technology were trying to raise $1 million on IndieGoGo. With time to spare, they have surpassed their goal and raised more than $1.5 million.

To recap: the idea is to replace all existing (and new) road surfaces with specially engineered glass solar panels capable of generating enough electricity collectively to supply all energy needs wherever they are installed. The roadway panels would also contain smart features that would communicate with drivers about road and traffic conditions. And they would contain heating elements to keep the roads ice and snow free in winter. As described in the latest video promo, solar roadway is the answer to many of our most pressing environmental problems, from road safety to pollution and global warming.

Of course there are skeptics who argue that this is a really dumb idea. Why put money into something that is likely never to be built because of its high cost? And by the way, how much will it cost? We already have millions of acres of space where existing solar panel technology could be installed at a fraction of the cost of tearing up roads and replacing them with costly, unproven technology. What fiscally responsible government is going to opt for this far-fetched scheme?

There are plenty of arguments to be made for running away from this idea. But that is often the case when a really transformative idea comes along.

Watch the new video to get a more complete picture of what this project is all about. You have to admit, it’s a really appealing idea. Which is why they have raised $1.5 million in crowdfunding, and previously been given $750,000 from the US government to produce a prototype. See more about the IndieGoGo campaign.


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