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Shabby chic, opulence are cool at French Bedroom Company

Shabby chic has always been cool, but one of the coolest places to get it is The French Bedroom Company, the UK-based online boutique that specializes in the style. Its self-proclaimed “ethos” is to offer French furniture that “exudes elegance and injects overstated beauty and sassy, playful style” into your home. And that sass has won them many fans. The store was recently added to the growing list of CoolBrands in the UK. Getting on that list means winning a couple of thousand votes from consumers, as well as those of design experts.
Versailles Gold Chaise Longue form the French Bedroom Company. The mail order and online company delivers classic French furniture with a playful, progressive design.

From the ornate French style, all rococo swirls and gilt, to simple shabby chic, the French Bedroom Company has it all. This is the place to find that really special accent piece you’ve been looking for—a “Romeo and Juliet” gold carved shelf, for instance, a Provencal mirror, or a gorgeous chandelier, like the Flounce Flock Sapphire model (the name says it all).
Sylvia Silver Luxury Bed from the French Bedroom Company is hand carved mahogany with distressed silver leaf. Glam fit for a princess.

If you want to sleep in a bed that Marie Antoinette would have approved of, they’ve got them—the Versailles Curved Luxury Upholstered Bed for one; or the voluptuously named Sylvia Silver Luxury Bed.

How many women today have a dressing table? An actual, purpose-built dressing table, not the top of the dresser or some other substitute. Maybe you should have one. And maybe you should have the Versailles (again) Gold French Dressing Table, because nothing says “overstated beauty and sassy, playful style” like a grand, gold gilt French dressing table that will remind you of the “plush opulence” of France in the 17th and 18th centuries. It has three mirrors, of course, the better to let you see yourself from the perfect angle, each intricately carved and topped with ornate crests.
The Versailles Gold French Dressing Table. From the Palais de Versailles to your boudoir.

And since you can’t pull up some generic IKEA chair to your Versailles Gold French Dressing Table, you better get an Anne-Marie Carved Chair, or a Versailles Baby Gold Chair instead. Either one would complement the plush opulence quite nicely. But there are plenty of other choices you could make, such as the Antoinette Rattan Oak, for example, or the Versailles Mummy Gold.

To fill the very air of your boudoir with sumptuous elegance, get a Reine de la Nuit Diffuser, with its “top notes of gardenia and base notes of jasmine and osmanthus.” A more citrus fragrance is had from the Sugared Grapefruit Scented Candle, with top notes of crushed lime and grapefruit, and a base note of golden syrup. It comes in a box lined with satin.
Reine de la Nuit Diffuser by Côte Noire, at the French Bedroom Company. A diffuser scents your home without smoke or flame.


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