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The right balance: tips for decorating in monochrome without overdoing it

Decorating your condo in monochrome can make it look cleaner, roomier, and more inviting. Monochrome furniture and décor can tie a whole room together and make it feel more like home, as long as you do not take your colour scheme too far.


The monochrome colour scheme in a kitchen — whether black, purple or even red — is striking and unique.


First Off, Define “Monochrome”

Is your idea of monochrome a black-and-white condo that feels modern and sophisticated? Is it a pastel colour that makes your home feel bright and open? Perhaps it is a warm colour that makes your condo feel cozy. Monochrome is not a one-colour-fits-all decorating theme. You can make it whatever you want. Choose a colour that reflects your personality and style. It should be one that you can incorporate throughout your condo without feeling overwhelmed over time.


Monochrome in bedroom.


Keep It Simple

When decorating in monochrome, go with a colour that is balanced and light. It should also be one that will pair with other colors to allow for versatility in holiday decorating, changing accent pieces, paintings, etc. Do not go too dark or too light. You do not want your condo to look like it has been completely washed out, nor would you want to feel like all the light has been drained from your home.

Keeping it simple in green?

The colour we choose has a significant impact on our mood and how we feel about our homes and our lives. All-dark furnishings, décor, and walls will leave you and guests feeling depressed, while ultra-bright décor can be headache-inducing. The key is to find the right balance.


All blues for a cool look.


Mix and Match in Monochrome

Monochrome does not mean that everything in the room must match exactly. Play it up and mix it around so that the whole room is tied together without overdoing it. Mix various shades of brown and tan throughout your condo and mix in a shade of white that balances out all the colour. Excellent choices for shades that will pair nicely with this colour scheme are eggshell, cosmic latte, and old lace. If you prefer to use a darker colour such as indigo or hunter green, mix it with white for a nice contrast that does not throw off your central colour scheme.


Even the kids room can look cool in one or two colours.


The Right Texture

A key element in monochrome themes is texture. The right texture can make your home feel cozy and welcoming, while adding depth to your décor. Use fabrics like velvet, faux fur, and tufted leather. Paint an accent wall in high-gloss lacquer paint or add mirrors to give your room depth and definition. Covering a wall in mirrors can make a room seem much larger. This is especially useful for those living in smaller condos that can leave residents and guests feeling claustrophobic.


Blue and textures.


Auberge on the Park-Tridel


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