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Popular Items That Make Interior Designers Cringe

There is nothing like coming into a new home and decorating it from top to bottom, making it completely yours. It is easy to get swept up in all of the excitement and start grabbing at anything and everything that you like. If we get too carried away, however, we are left scratching our heads, wondering what on earth we were thinking. Over the years, interior designers have seen just about everything, and they have weighed in time and again to let us know the decorating faux pas that send shivers down their spines.



The Model Home

Formal dining areas are nice, and they are excellent for entertaining, especially for holiday dinners shared with friends and relatives. Elegant sofas and chandeliers are charming, and it is easy to see why they are so loved. However, many people tend to go too far and set up model-style homes that feel like they are right out of a catalogue. These are often far too expensive and formal to allow for any actual living. Nobody wants to catch themselves putting plastic sheets over their furniture like their grandparents did when they visited. Living rooms are meant for living, so choose furnishings that will not be ruined by little spills and scuffles.


Too Much Bling!

This goes along with the first point, but it is more about décor than furnishings. Avoid overly shiny décor. A little gold here and there is nice, and it can tie a room together. Too much, however, can drive away guests in a hurry (if not blind them). If your home looks like it belongs in Trump Towers, you may want to rethink your colour scheme.


Too much bling is never a good thing.


“Some Assembly Required”

Gone are the days of disposable furniture that you get on clearance for $5 and slap together once you get home. These pieces are ideal for students and adults just venturing out into the world on their own. However, they are not great choices when decorating long-term. You want something that is going to last a long time. Although it is often more costly, expensive furniture will actually save you in the long run because you will not have to replace it every few years.



Overly Small Rugs

If your rug is barely larger than a dish towel, do yourself a favour and throw it out. Even larger rugs are an eye sore if they are not the right fit for your space. They do not need to be too large or bulky either. You do not need to be able to fit all of your furniture on your rug, but having enough room for the front legs of your sofa and chairs to straddle the rug is ideal.


Furnishings That Serve No Real Purpose

Do not buy furniture just for the sake of buying it. It is also not a good idea to buy something just because it is a “conversation piece” if the topic of that conversation is likely to be “why on earth would somebody buy that?” You may see something that looks nice or interesting, but there is no need to splurge on it if you are not actually going to use it. Interior designers agree that wire chairs and other unusual furnishings are not great for homes because they are uncomfortable, and you do not want guests sitting on hard or scratchy surfaces because there is nowhere else to sit. Instead, go for pieces that look comfortable as well as interesting.




Auberge on the Park-Tridel


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