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New Blue Jays sponsor is major housing, building products maker with one incredible product

A company described as a global leader in housing and building materials, products and services is the latest partner with the Toronto Blue Jays. LIXIL Canada, whose headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan, and whose brands include the famous American Standard bathroom fixtures and plumbing, DXV, and Grohe, announced a multi-year deal with the Jays. LIXIL will sponsor “events and opportunities” with in-stadium promotions, and point-of-sale contests in major retailers across Canada. The new partnership is set to launch next month during Blue Jays spring training games in Montreal’s Olympic Stadium.

LIXIL is the result of a merger among five top Japanese housing-related companies whose brands include building materials, exteriors, doors, windows, flooring and interior fabrics, as well as kitchens and bathrooms. The name, according to the corporate website, is a combination of the Japanese words for “living” and “life.” The company’s origins go back more than 100 years when it began to manufacture some of the first ceramic tiles for the traditional home in Japan.

Since then it has obviously made great strides. Here is one LIXIL product guaranteed to interest anyone with a toilet. Imagine a toilet that didn’t stain for 100 years! That is the claim for one of the company’s modern materials, AQUA CERAMIC, which has been called revolutionary and is based on years of research into sanitary ceramics. Used in a line of toilets called SATIS, this technology will keep the toilet stain-free and without need for scrubbing for 100 years, says LIXIL

Shiny and clean for 100 years! New Blue Jays sponsor LIXIL makes a toilet with AQUA CERAMIC that never needs scrubbing.

How could this be? “Super-hydrophilic” performance in the surface of the ceramic allows rinse water to permeate beneath any waste attached to the ceramic and then flush away the stain. AQUA CERAMIC is “the first material in the world” to address the four main issues that affect the cleanliness of toilets, which are: scuffing and scratching, marks from waste, stains from exposure to hard water, and the build-up of bacteria. Limescale, which normally cannot be removed by any cleaner, cannot attach itself to the ceramic, so it flows past, according to a new products researcher at Material ConneXion. Toilets incorporating this technology need only basic care, and will not show wear for more than 100 years.

Sunwave kitchen from LIXIL. The company claims to have transformed the traditional Japanese kitchen.

In the kitchen, LIXIL is perhaps best known for its Sunwave products. Sunwave goes back to the 1930s, and offered the first stainless steel sink in Japan’s history in the 1950s. Today the product line includes hands-free kitchen faucets, island kitchen systems, pull-down shelving, and kitchen shelf stockers.

The new Blue Jays partner calls itself the most “comprehensive and connected” global company in the housing and building industry,delivering “human-centric” innovation that enhances living spaces, with core strengths in water, housing, building, and kitchen technologies. Spokesperson Del Giudice said the new relationship was all about enhancing the consumer and fan experience. A 100-year stain-free toilet will do that, don’t you think?

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