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My Condo Story: Family Fun in a Pensacola Summer Condo

By Citizen Journalist Jolene Cee

I am not one for fancy homes orexpensive condos, but the summer I spent with my husband’s family in their condo overlooking the picturesque Pensacola beach is one I will never forget. Sun drenched days spent combing the beach for shells; muggy nights filled with campfire fun, and of course, the cool reprise from the occasionally oppressive Southern heat that the summer home provided for all of us. It was a surprising experience, filled with family time and warm neighbors.
My first day there I was taken aback by the impressive condo tower, rising up majestically in a single column, glittering in the hot sun. We unpacked the car, and hauled our summer goods up in an exquisite luxury elevator. Everything about the condominium community sparkled with class and romance, providing a unique urban living experience. When we opened the door to our temporary home, I let out a gasp at the beautiful furnishings and quality appliances. But, even those fanciful touches could not compete with the breathtaking view of the ocean crashing against the sun-bleached beach. At night, we would leave the windows open and just listen to the sound of the waves, lulling even our difficult toddler to sleep.
I expected the other condo dwellers to be snooty and uptight—this could not be further from the truth! Our closest neighbors had a young child about the same age as my daughter, and we spent many days watching the children play together. We would talk for hours, exchanging parenting advice and stories. This is just one example of the warmth and friendliness I experienced in the condominium community. Walking throughout the complex, everyone I met had a smile and a friendly word. It took a little getting used to—after all I had prepared myself for snobbery, and had instead found a warm welcome. Do not ever let people tell you that condominium living is riddled with rude people!
The thing I remember the most about my condo experience is the togetherness I felt while staying with family. We worked together to maintain the home, cook meals, and watch our children. We were drawn together by the comforting atmosphere the condominium provided, along with the dramatic view and soothing sounds. Family cookouts on the beach, chasing each other on wave runners, and swimming in the ocean with my daughter are all things I will never forget. Neither will I forget the feeling of belonging I felt among my extended family, all facilitated by our amazing condominium escape.
My experience is a simple one, without drama or arguments, but I will never forget the welcoming atmosphere of exquisite luxury, or my time spent in our summer home. With the waves crashing around us, the sun warming our backs, and joy in our hearts we bonded together in that lovely summer condominium in ways that we never imagined. Though it has been a few years since my summer vacation away from the stress of everyday life, it has made a lasting impression in my heart. Whenever I need a minute to relax, I simply close my eyes and relive a moment from my condo experience—before long the stress melts away under the warmth of the memories.

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