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Moroccan Designs for the Urban Condo

The Around the World series continues with Moroccan-inspired interior design styles and tips for your condo. Morocco is a diverse country much like Canada, and its citizens include Arab, European, and sub-Saharan African immigrants. Therefore, Moroccan design blends many of these styles and cultures together for a truly stunning look. If you’re feeling adventurous, give your condo a makeover with these helpful ideas.

Incorporate a Lot of Fabrics into Your Décor

Drape fabrics over the walls of a room to create a tent-like effect. Moroccan décor is typically comprised of a great deal of fabrics, and they are implemented in a number of ways.



Lighting plays a huge part in Moroccan interior design. Use lanterns, sconces, and lamps around your condo. Handcrafted lamps painted with mandala designs and containing colourfulpieces of glass will play up the design even more and add a more personalized look to it.


Tiles and Patterns

If you are renovating the home and plan on redoing your floors and walls, then consider using tiles throughout the unit. Walls, fireplaces, bathtubs, etc. are typically made of tiles with intricate or geometric designs. Mosaics are used a lot in Moroccan design. If you are not planning on renovating anytime soon, then focus primarily on furnishings, rugs, and artwork displayed throughout your condo. Use a lot of embellished accents and pull the look together with gold accent pieces, mirrors, etc.


A Love of Art

Art is so prevalent in Moroccan design that even the furnishings have an artistic component, with intricately carved and hand-painted motifs. If you are going with a Moroccan design, be as authentic as possible. Browse import shops for authentic pieces, both furnishings and décor.


Wood Furnishings

Moroccan design consists of a lot of earth tones and neutral colours. Furniture is typically made of wood, and the floors are wooden as well. More often than not, it is a rich, chocolate colour that pulls the whole room together.


Arched Doorways

Another great idea for those looking to renovate their homes is to incorporate Moroccan-inspired arched doorways, intricate windows, wall coverings, and more. The Moroccan design goes well beyond the decorative and incorporates architectural design and art into every square inch of a building or home.


Pillows and Comfort

Decorate your home for comfort. It is a place for relaxation and a refuge from the outside world. An abundance of contrasting pillows placed across the backs of your sofas and chairs, draped fabrics, and plush rugs will complete the look.


Auberge on the Park-Tridel


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