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Mood-changing lights and music make this shower a sensory experience

Aqua Sense multi-sensorial electronic shower system from Graff: the future of shower design.

A new shower system from the Italian firm Graff is being called the future of shower design. If you did not think that shower design was in need of modernizing, think again. Showers as we know them are dull and boring, and they waste water. But the new Graff electronic shower system—that word system should tip you off that it’s much more than just a way to get wet—treats the simple shower as a sensual experience.

The system is called Aqua Sense, and it transforms the bathroom shower into a spa. The “multi-sensorial” system’s electronic sensors control the flow of water and eliminate waste. You control the water temperature via a wall-mounted touch-screen control panel. An overhead rainfall shower adds to the sense of luxury, and switches to waterfall mode on command.

But there’s more. A four-colour LED lighting system lets you change the colour of the experience to suit your mood. And if that isn’t enough to relax and pamper you, you can add music. Yes, just download your favourite music through the USB port on the touch-screen console and away you go. Polished stainless steel speakers are ceiling mounted as part of the system.

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