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Minimalist design and elegant condo living: making the most of smaller spaces with both fashion and function

Living in a condominium can sometimes mean living in cramped quarters, especially if you have accumulated a tremendous amount of material possessions. From shoes and clothing to tchotchkes and décor, the things we collect can pile up quickly. This means there is little room to walk around and a lot more to clean. A desire to free up space (not to mention the time spent dusting and cleaning) has led people toward a minimalist lifestyle. Incorporating a minimalist style into your design can leave you feeling less claustrophobic, thereby lowering your stress levels.



A minimalist lifestyle can also be beneficial for various other reasons. Eliminating most of the clutter that we obtain can free up space for the things that matter most to us. A growing number of people are also choosing the minimalist lifestyle due to environmental concerns. Limiting what we use also reduces waste.

Believe it or not, technological advances have also made the minimalist lifestyle more easily obtainable. With files, photographs, and more kept on computers and backup servers, we no longer need extensive filing systems. Stacks of notebooks, newspapers, and phone books are also a thing of the past, and we can hold a world of information in the palm of our hands. With that in mind, it is easy to see why this trend has caught on so rapidly. If you are considering a simpler lifestyle and a way to open up your space, then read on to see all the ways that such designs can be incorporated into your home.




Choose furnishings that fit your personality but do not take up the entire room. A minimalist design consists of furnishings and décor that serve a purpose without overindulging in extras that clutter the home and serve no purpose. Incorporating a monochrome theme into a minimalist design keeps a good flow throughout the home, bringing everything together while leaving ample room for walking, playing, entertaining, and more.



Function Over Fashion

A minimalist lifestyle emphasizes function over fashion. Minimalist homes feature enough seating and beds for the household, enough space for a few prizes possessions, and not much else. It leaves ample space for walking and makes the home appear larger, cleaner, and brighter.


Sofas and Chairs

A minimalist home will typically have one three-seater sofa and one chair. If you do a lot of entertaining, you may require more space, especially during the holidays. In this case, a helpful idea is to invest in a bench, table, or other surface that has a hidden compartment where you can store folded chairs. These surfaces can double as coffee tables and entertainment centers.



Mobile Carts

Make use of mobile carts in the place of night stands, end tables, etc. They can be easily moved if more space is needed, and they provide ample room for lamps, books, alarm clocks, and anything else you need all in one place.



Hidden Desks

Hidden desks are great space savers. Many different types and styles are available for foldable desks that attach to walls or hide in inconspicuous places, such as underneath beds and inside hidden compartments. This amazing desk that folds down into a trunk would make quite the interesting conversational piece.



Décor and Accent Pieces

The minimalist lifestyle does not leave a lot of room for tchotchkes and decorations. However, it does not mean that you cannot spruce up your place a bit and make it feel more lived-in. Place small floral arrangements in bud vases, a few coffee table books, and family photographs around the room for a simple look that still feels like home.

Another great idea is to use a partial wall for books and photographs. Attach small shelves that blend in with the wall. Place books, family photos, and a few accent pieces on the shelves.



Organization is Key

The minimalist lifestyle also does not mean that you have to go without necessities or make frequent trips to the grocery store. The key is to keep everything neat and organized. Invest in jars and baskets to organize your refrigerator and freezer. This creates more room because food is stacked in small spaces, rather than having packaging for a few items take up entire shelves. Hidden compartments like those above also make it easier to store clothing, shoes, books and paper, extra blankets, and more. The main idea is that there should be a place for everything you own with nothing unnecessary out in the open.



Minimalist Holiday Decorating

A lack of space and desire to keep material possessions to a minimum have led to some pretty clever ideas when it comes to decorating, especially when it comes to the holidays. Take, for instance, this neat idea that shows you do not need a huge tree to be festive. If you are tight on space but still want to feel the warmth of the holidays and spread Christmas cheer, then this may just be right up your alley.

A few string lights hung over some photos, a couple of festive pillows, and your favourite holiday decorations can make a stunning display with minimal effort.



Cheerful and Bright

A minimalist home does not need to be dull and lifeless. It can be just as bright and cheerful as any other home. Add some colour to your abode with bright walls and spruce it up with matching accents, throws, pillows, and rugs. Paint a mural on the wall and add a single plant to liven the place up even more.

The Sky is the Limit

You can get as creative as you want with your home while still maintaining a minimalist approach. Keep things organized, store away anything that does not serve an immediate purpose, and make sure that everything is neat and tidy. Add your own personal flair, but do not overdo it. A minimalist home can be warm and inviting while also creating space that otherwise might not be available, especially in the case of small condominiums.

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