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Living comfortably in 500 square feet or less; modular convertible multi-purpose furniture makes the difference

Size is relative. An object that is small to you may be quite large to another person, and vice versa. The same holds true for nearly everything. A relatively small space that leaves one person feeling claustrophobic can — with a little planning and some modular furniture (see videos below) —  be considered spacious and comfortable for another person or even a family.


Blumo Design’s swiss-army knife murphy bed folded into wall has shelves, drawers and TV. And then… (see images and video below)


It’s all about attitude

Mostly, it boils down to attitude, preferences, perception and use. If you have spent the majority of your life enjoying bigger and better things, then living in a 500-square-foot condo could be a miserable experience; but, that can all change with a little motivation, planning and some clever space arrangements.


Blumo’s multi-purpose murphy bed slides out into a dining table.


If you’re trading space for convenience and urban lifestyle, you’ll find contentment. If you have a lot of belongings and typically fill your home with a great deal of clutter, then you are going to have difficulty finding space for everything. Critical thinking and out-of-the-box strategies will go a long way into turning a cramped space into a home fit for a king.


Blumo Design swiss army knife murphy bed becomes a dining table (slide out) a desk (fold down) a dresser (drawers) and a fold down bed (shown)


The wonder of multi-purpose furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is a major hit these days due to the ever-rising cost of living, which forces many residents to drastically down-sizing just to keep up. Much like trundle and murphy beds, a wide variety of furniture is built to meet many needs at once. Some such furniture includes bookshelves that pull out to create steps that can be used to reach a loft, cabinets with built-in shelves, tables, seats, closets, ironing boards, and more.



Check out the entertainment center above (video) that converts into so much more. Or, the marvellous series of units below (video) which save a great deal of space and allow you to store everything in one room.



Here’s a way to turn one room into multiple rooms:



Another way to save space and make a home feel roomier is to build up rather than out. As with buildings, the prospect of building up is beneficial because you can fit so much more in one small space than you could otherwise. Create a wall of shelves to store books, figurines, and other items so they do not clutter the rest of your home. Hang photographs and artwork on walls as well instead of placing them about on tables. Use furniture and decorations that are taller rather than wider.


Cool, stylish multipurpose furniture is not only practical — converting a living area into a bedroom, or a bedroom into a playroom — it can be vital to managing a growing family.


Add cushions and padding to large window sills for additional seating without having to purchase multiple sofas and chairs. If you have a large counter in your kitchen, use it as a bar rather than taking up space with a dining set (unless, of course, you plan on entertaining). Install tall shelving units above your commode to store toiletries and linens. Stacked washers and dryers, sinks with wooden “lids” that allow you more space for food prep, beds with built-in drawers for clothing and storage, foldable shelves and tables, and other similar objects can help you to accomplish all your daily tasks in almost any space without sacrificing your sanity.

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