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Kitchen Elements Buyers Love Most

Every buyer is unique. Some require an extra room for a home office, while others prefer to live the minimalist lifestyle and have only the bare necessities. Some want a massive chef’s kitchen, and yet others have their sights set on the master bath of the gods. Many agree, however, that the kitchen can make or break a sale. Even those who do not cook very often prefer to have the necessities when they do, and bonus features are especially sought for those who like to entertain from time to time.

The type of appliances one chooses typically varies from buyer to buyer, though the vast majority prefer stainless steel appliances. Any upgrades are certainly a bonus, and if your kitchen features stainless steel appliances with custom settings and a built-in water filter, then you will have no problem finding interested buyers. Stainless steel appliances are also great because they are universal, meaning they work well with nearly any kitchen layout and design.

Good lighting is a must as well. Nobody wants to attempt to cook a family meal in the dark. Make sure that your home has adequate lighting, and a window that can let in natural sunlight will certainly be helpful in landing that sale.

Buyers also flock toward kitchens that have adequate storage. The hardest places to sell will typically have the least amount of storage, and the worst will lack sufficient storage in the kitchen. Limited cabinetry and no pantry can spell doom for your home’s value. If you do not have proper storage, consider investing in non-traditional storage units, such as a wardrobe-turned-pantry or adding some extra cabinets.

Countertop space goes hand-in-hand with storage. Cooking can be difficult in a small kitchen with limited space, especially when cooking a large meal for the holidays. One can only do so much in a kitchen with only three counters, one of which holds the sink. Buyers will be looking for homes with plenty of space so that they can prepare meals without it taking a long time.

Buyers also consider the layout when determining whether they are interested in a home. Some prefer an open layout, while others like having the kitchen closed off. However, all can agree that the layout of the appliances is a key factor. It can be frustrating trying to move from one side of the kitchen to the other repeatedly, while dodging everyone else as you try to cook a meal. Having the main appliances (the refrigerator, stove, and sink) close to one another provides better flow and makes cooking easier, making these kitchens a preference among buyers.

While every kitchen, every buyer is different, the key features are almost universally important to prospective buyers. Ensure that their basic needs are met and that they can perform tasks quickly and efficiently, and you will have no problem finding an interested buyer. If you do not, then try investing in some creative solutions that meet these needs in ways that other units typically do not. Going the extra mile will pay off in the long run.



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