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Italian Inspiration for Your Condo Makeover

Italy has a rich history with a strong emphasis on arts and culture. Their design, much like their art, is eclectic and diverse. In this next installment of the Around the World series, we take a look at Italian design ideas to inspire your condo makeover.

Antique Luxury

Much of Italian design combines luxury with antique, distressed furnishings and décor. Antique, distressed pieces and walls with intricate details and gold trims work beautifully together for a look that contrasts without clashing. Consider incorporating this look into your condo as well with faux distressed walls, intricate details, and antique furnishings.

“Distressed” walls will add personality to your condo
and give it a historic look and feel.

Art and Literature

Italy has a rich culture, one of sophistication and inspiration. A love of the arts in all forms is evident throughout the country. From brilliant plays on world-class stages to museums filled with works from the world’s greatest artists to grand libraries filled to the brim with books written by the great minds of the past, the country places great emphasis on art and literature. It is no wonder, then, that they bring that passion into their homes. Stunning works of art adorn their walls, and their shelves are nearly overflowing with books.

Express your love of the arts through paintings and other works of art. Create a home library as well in whatever form you can… whether that is a large bookshelf in your home office or a china cabinet filled with books in your living or dining room.

Fill a decorative cabinet with books for a beautiful home library
that complements your Italian design.

Sleek and Modern

Not all Italian design is antique and rustic. Some regions prefer sleeker, more modern styles. However, they still have that Italian flair with furnishings and décor that are stunning and artistic.

Create a stunning, sophisticated look
with modern Italian design. Credit: Juliette’s Interiors

Floral Arrangements

Complement your Italian design with beautiful floral arrangements and other plants.Create your own mini garden on your balcony and add a final touch with a floral trim around the door.

A balcony garden and a floral trim around the door
will complement your Italian design nicely.



If you have a multi-level unit or a loft, then consider updating the stairs to reflect your Italian design as well. Beautifully-finished, artistic stairs with tile risers and a wrought iron railing will make a stunning addition to your home.

Wood stairs with tile risers and wrought iron railing.
Credit: Maraya Interior Design

Designer Bathroom

Upgrade your bathroom as well with an elegant, contemporary design. Black and copper work well together and give it the look of luxury. Incorporate Italian design into your bathroom with a stunning vessel sink and clawfoot tub.

This contemporary bathroom console makes a stunning addition
to an Italian contemporary bathroom. Credit: MaestroBath

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