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Housing starts continue strong in Ontario, up 13% in Sept 2017 over last year: CMHC data

September was another strong month for building starts (year over year), with Ontario continuing to lead in sheer numbers, and (and among the highest as a percentage) in both Single-detached and multi-dwelling buildings:

  • single-detached starts Ontario 2,594, up from 2,423 (in Sept 2016), or 7%
  • all other starts Ontario 3,854, up from 3,291, or up 17%
  • total numbers 6,448, up from 5,714, or up 13%.


CMHC housing starts data for totals by the province for September 2017.


Seasonally adjusted starts up

Seasonably adjusted annual numbers on a national basis show ongoing growth in housing starts:

  • 217,118 in September 2017 versus 207,362 in September 2016
  • seasonally adjusted by quarter, all three quarters are higher, with 3rd quarter at 222,513 versus 200,003 in 2016

For Ontario-only, seasonally adjusted shows the most significant growth in starts multi-dwellings such as condominium apartments) at 46,669. Seasonally adjusted totals were:

  • Total: 74,892 for September 2017 versus 67,548 for 2016
  • Single-Detached: 28,193 for September 2017 versus 26,824
  • All others (Including multi-dwelling): 46,669 for September 2017 versus 40,724.



Some provinces down year-over-year

P.E.I. and Manitoba were the only two provinces, on a percentage growth basis, that beat Ontario, at 60% and 20% respectively, although the numbers are comparatively smaller. P.E.I. had 93 starts up from 58, and Manitoba had 477 starts up from 396. All other provinces came in with lower growth in starts year-over-year, some in the negatives:

  • Newfoundland -23%
  • Nova Scotia -3%
  • Saskatchewan -22%
  • British Columbia -18%


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