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Free iPhone app for realtors helps manage leads, track existing clients

Realtors know that proactively managing your clients is important to stay ahead in today’s business world. To be at the top of the pack in the industry you must have a good relationship with your current and potential clients. This way of thinking is what sparked Queens and Western University students, Justin Ritchie and Peter Antoniou to create SnapLead, a smartphone application available on the iPhone and soon, the iPad.

Screen captures from SnapLead, the new CRM app for realtors. Creators say it is the fluid, easy to use and efficient lead management tool realtors have been waiting for.

With SnapLead Realtors can efficiently manage leads in order to ensure a good relationship with clients. SnapLead helps you remain productive while you’re on the go. “One of the biggest complaints we’ve received during our research from people using other CRMs is that none of them have a fluid, easy to use and efficient mobile application to keep track of clients. That, coupled with the monthly fees, makes other CRMs quite expensive,” said Peter Antoniou.

SnapLead is a smartphone application which is directed towards sales oriented careers. SnapLead enables its user to conveniently organize potential business clients as well as the clients you already have. Track your leads and much more with SnapLead.

The idea for SnapLead was to give realtors a way to manage new, as well as existing contacts, and convert them to sales. With SnapLead, they can manage all of their prospects as well as the clients they already have. All realtors know that just because a lead didn’t purchase today doesn’t mean they won’t purchase

from you tomorrow. Using SnapLead, realtors can keep track of all their leads so that they can reference them in the future for potential sales.

According to Justin Ritchie, SnapLead’s co-founder, the plan is to roll out multiple new features in the near future to further improve the user experience and efficiency, including iCloud compatibility between devices, syncing leads to iPhone’s iCal or Google Calendar, as well as Google Documents. SnapLead is available on the Apple App Store for FREE.

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