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Fitness tips for fall and winter: turn chores into a game, join the community activities, use the stairs and visit your condo gym daily


Fitness buffs rarely like to sit still for very long. Even during the colder months, active people can be found in gyms across the country. Fall fitness does not have to be limited to weight-lifting and squats, however. The following is a list of indoor and outdoor activities that are sure to get your heart pumping, wherever you may roam.

Get Back to Nature

Fall is the perfect time to get outdoors and explore the world around you. Go hiking and watch the leaves turn colors and fall to the ground. Take friends and family for a fun afternoon out, picking apples in an orchard or wandering through a corn maze. Ride a bike through a new trail or jog around a local pond. The view is breathtaking, and outdoor activities can be quite exhilarating.


Join Community Activities

Sign up for charity races, fun runs, and holiday activities that are run through the autumn and winter seasons. Aside from the fitness benefits, it is also a great way to meet new people and maintain the accountability needed to stick with exercise routines during colder months when we would rather cozy up by the fireplace than visit the great outdoors.

Make Chores Interesting

When thinking of chores, the word “fun” is not typically the first thought that pops into a person’s mind. Chores are the things that we have to do, and usually they are done begrudgingly. However, that does not have to be the case. Make things interesting by turning on some music and having fun with your work. Challenge one another to rake leaves “in style” and see who has the best moves. You may look silly, but it will be a blast.

Some favorites in my family include turning chores into competitions to see who can make the most baskets tossing socks into the hamper, timing each other to see who can load the dishwasher fastest, dancing to our favorite songs while we work, and running from the vacuum (a particular favorite amongst small children).


Fitness Gaming

Get your heart pumping in a way that is fun for the whole family (or group of friends). A variety of video games allow you to exercise with simulated athletic activities. Motion-sensors, such as those used in Wii U games, allow you to move around as if you are actually connecting with the objects in the game. In addition to athletics and exercise, other fun games can get you moving… bowling, arcade games, Mario Party, and more. These can be an enjoyable way to spend time with loved ones while also getting in your daily workout.

Adios, Elevator!

A great way to burn fat is to take the stairs rather than the elevator.  This can be daunting if you live on an especially high floor, but you could always take the stairs part of the way and then the elevator once you get too tired to carry on.

Do Take Advantage of Your Condo’s Gym

Although all of your workouts do not need to take place in a crowded gym, I certainly recommend taking advantage of the one you have. Most condos include free gyms for residents, and I am more than happy to make use of anything that is free.


Just Keep Swimming

Condos also tend to come with large pools for tenants to enjoy. If your condo comes with an indoor and/or heated pool, then you are all set. Add a good swim to your workout routine, and then soak in the hot tub afterwards.

Condo Workout

Condos can feel cramped, and they typically do not leave much room for storage and bulky exercise equipment. If the gym is particularly crowded, or if your condo does not have one, you may be wondering what options you have for a quick workout indoors. Regardless of size, you do have options.

Try balcony squats. Stand on your patio with your back to the balcony ledge and your arms draped over the bars. Then do a set of 20 squats. Other workout routines that can be done in a condo include push-ups, sit-ups, prisoner squats, yoga, Pilates, wall sits, and burpees. That last one and other noisy exercises may only be a good idea if you are on the first floor, your downstairs neighbors are out when you do them, or you have a noise level agreement with them.

Additional Tips for Staying Active in Fall and Winter

Keep Warm

Dress in wind-resistant clothing and other cold weather attire. Drink warm liquids as well, especially green and black teas, which contain antioxidants.

…But Not Too Warm

Be sure to drink plenty of water. While hot cocoa, coffee, and tea are favorites during this time of year, water is still necessary to keep you hydrated.

Get a Morning Routine Going

Rather than waiting until later in the day, when you are likely to be tired from work and other activities, start your day off right by getting in a bit of exercise and a healthy breakfast. Getting an early start will leave you rejuvenated throughout the day so you can tackle whatever lies ahead. Then in the afternoon, you are free to unwind and enjoy yourself.

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