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Designers reveal stunning new looks for conventional lighting

As more and more designers explore the ever-expanding frontiers of LED lighting, the results continue to surprise and delight. Put aside any notion of the utilitarian, slightly clunky-looking LED light bulb and think sleek, modern, minimalist design and you will have an idea of what Toronto’s Group Two designers Erica Pecoskie and George Simionopoulos created in their award-winning LED chandelier. Where a traditional chandelier was typically fussily ornate, even gaudy, theirs is stripped back to the bare minimum. Its shape suggests the chandelier of old, but that’s as far as it goes.

LED Chandelier from Toronto designers Group Two. It’s available at Caviar 20

The name doesn’t give much of a hint regarding what to expect, but Moooi does mean beauty, literally. In Dutch, that is. And in design, as well, as can be seen by a look at the company’s product line. One of Moooi’s designers is Bertjan Pot. His Heracleum chandelier is inspired by the plant of the same name, each of its delicate network of branches coming to an end in a small disc-shaped LED light.
Heracleum by Dutch Designer Bertjan Pot is inspired by the plant of the same name, and looks as delicate. Pot described it as a “fantasy” that took final shape after much experimentation.

Also from Moooi are a couple of works from the late Raimond Puts. They first appeared in Milan in 2009, so they are not the latest by any means, but the Raimond Suspension Light still turns heads. A globe consisting of triangular wire shapes and transparent LED light fixtures, it has been compared to a geodesic dome and to a starry night sky.
The Raimond Suspension Light by Raimond Puts. Geometry and technology creating a thing of beauty. Puts was a mathematician who came to design later in life.

Another Toronto designer who has been making a name is Tahir Mahmood. He has created a unique set of floor lamp designs using hand-sculpted ceramic cylinders stacked on top of each other. Customers can choose from a variety of colours to create their own customized lamp. The Tinga floor lamp has eight stacked ceramic cylinders, each hand made and glazed.
Tinga lamps by Toronto designer Tahir Mahmood consists of stacked, hand-made ceramic cylinders in varying colours.
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