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Daily Bread still seeking food and cash donations for Christmas drive

It’s a story with a classic good news/bad news kind of ending: the Daily Bread food bank’s holiday drive fell short of its food donation goal, but exceeded its financial donation goal. Perhaps because it’s just easier, donors preferred to give cash than food.

The food bank, which receives no funding from the United Way, is a vital source of food for many Toronto families.  They hoped to take in a million pounds of food but found, a month into this year’s holiday drive, that they weren’t even halfway there. Gail Nyberg, Daily Bread’s executive director said in a release, “We needed to make sure we had either enough food donated or enough money to buy food, so we increased our financial goa.”

Happily, that worked. It seems that Torontonians were more inclined to give money than food. The original goal was to collect $1.5 million, but to date they have taken in $1.85 million.

Having the money rather than the food is not exactly a hardship for Daily Bread. They can simply buy the food that’s lacking to make up the shortfall. And with their ability to buy in bulk, every dollar goes farther than it would if spent by an individual, so in fact the money is better spent.

The Christmas drive officially ends December 31. Hundreds of volunteers are working today, sorting through some of the 545,000 pounds of food donated so far. And they are still hoping to reach the goal of one million pounds. The food will be distributed in the coming months, until March.

Daily Bread reminds us that donations can be dropped off at any local firehall, Loblaws, No Frill store, valu-mart or any participating grocery store. What they want most in non-perishable food is pasta, dried or canned beans or lentils, canned fruits and vegetables, baby formula, tomato sauce, peanut butter and canned or powdered milk.

You can make a donation online at Or mail a cheque by December 31 (for a 2012 tax receipt) to Daily Bread Food Bank, 191 New Toronto St., Toronto, Ontario, M8V 2E7.

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