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Are condominium owners fitter than house-owners: 12 reasons why they (probably) are healthier

In cities such as Hong Kong, where most people live in smaller-than-small condos or rental apartments, surveys have found that apartment dwellers are often healthier and fitter than house-owners. No, it’s not stress related — although the mortgage on a detached house can be a killer — but rather lifestyle oriented.


Condo owners tend to be fitter than house owners. They have more leisure time to work out, and usually, have facilities right in the community.


Here are the reasons condo owners tend to be fitter:

  • Demographically, they are younger.
  • Socially active: people who live in condos statistically go “out” more. The act of going out, and any activity, is healthy (all things being equal: in other words, assuming you don’t binge eat or drink).


Facilities in condominiums tend to be social hubs. Working out with friends is motivating.


  • Condo communities usually have fitness facilities. Fitness equipment in a detached home is usually an expensive luxury. In a condo, today, newer communities, such as Ten York (currently under construction from Tridel) feature elaborate exercise facilities and even a spa.
  • Condo owners tend to use the gym more often due to proximity: walk to the gym downstairs versus a trip by car. It is also more comfortable since you can change and shower in your own home.


The rooftop pool at Bianca, The New Dupont, by Tridel. Many condos have swimming pools, one of the best exercises for fitness.


  • Condos often include swimming pools, one of the healthiest activities.
  • Condo owners tend to walk more and bicycle more: one of the key reasons to own a condo is to be “close” to work and play so that it’s easy to walk to the store, the restaurant or the subway stop. The activity of walking and bicycling is ideal for fitness for all ages.


After a workout, condo owners can slip “upstairs” to shower and change. No more long commute and change rooms with lockers.


  • Condo owners tend to be less stressed: with smaller mortgages (all things being equal) there is often less financial worry.
  • Condo owners (depending on location) tend to be able to walk, bicycle or use transit to work. Commute times are shorter, on average, which lowers stress.
  • Condo owners with families often find substantial time saved in taking the kids to local soccer, hockey or other activities. Condos tend to be located closer to these activities.


The spectacular gym at the under-construction Ten York by Tridel.


  • Condo owners tend to travel more and without a great deal of worry over the “vacant” home.
  • Condo owners tend to shop locally and walk their bags home. They shop more often, ensuring healthier fresh vegetables and fruit. House owners, depending on location, usually drive to shop, and stock up for the week.
  • Condo owners have more leisure time (closer to everything, no commuting): depending on lifestyle choices, some of this time tends to go to keeping fit.


Auberge on the Park-Tridel


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