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Condo Dignity for the Independent Elderly Part III

In Parts I and II of our series, we discussed a range of devices and gadgets that can help the elderly stay connected and perform day-to-day tasks, while maintaining their independence. This included everything from the Roomba to monitoring systems to kitchen gadgets and more. In this third part, we will focus more on day-to-day life and the various tasks that can be better accomplished with innovative gadgets.


Garden Rocker Seat

If you have a green thumb, then you may be interested in growing your own garden on your balcony or work with your neighbours to create a community garden outside your condo building (with approval from the condo board, of course). If maintaining the garden is a worry due to physical limitations (it can be difficult for many seniors to bend down and tend to their gardens), then you can invest in a garden rocker seat. The ergonomically designed seat makes it so much easier to tend to your garden without hurting your knees and back.


Voice-Clarifying Headset

If you have difficulty hearing the television set, you may end up turning up the television so you can better hear and understand what is being said. Closed captioning is useful, but sometimes they get it wrong or it glitches, and not every program has it as an option. Plus, nothing compares to being able to hear it for yourself, especially if hearing loss is recent. Voice-clarifying headsets can make it easier to watch TV and understand what is being said without having to turn the TV up, which will mean happier neighbours.


Temperature-Activated, Anti-Scald Devices

Plumbing can be finnicky, especially with drastically-changing temperatures. Frozen pipes during the winter and overheated water during the summer can be a problem. Sometimes, the weather is not even the issue. Sometimes your water heater can be the problem. Whatever the case, if you find that your shower is sometimes too hot, then you may want to invest in the anti-scald device. This temperature-activated device reduces flow and ensures the water stays at a safe temperature.


Pill Crusher

In addition to pill reminders and dispensers, there are also pill crushers available to make it easier for seniors to swallow their pills. These pill crushers are designed for easy gripping and handling, and they are easy to clean as well.


Playing Card Holder

One of my grandmother’s favourite things to do was invite family and friends over for poker on Friday nights. It got all the adults together to have fun and socialize, and the kids all played together outside or in my room. Sometimes, her arthritis would act up, and it would be difficult for her to hold her cards. In those instances, it would have been helpful for her to have had a playing card holder so she could arrange and view her hand without dealing with the pain.


Digital Talking Thermometer

If poor eyesight is an issue, then it can be difficult to read small numbers, such as those on a thermometer. The digital talking thermometer makes it easier to check your temperature. The infrared thermometer reads body temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius with light contact, and it reads our temperature aloud so you do not have to squint to see the reading. It gives an accurate reading in seconds and includes batteries, guidebook, and a 1-year limited warranty. It also has a 30-reading memory capacity.


Magnifying Lamp

Reading is also made easier for those with poor vision with magnifying lamps. The floor lamps sit next to your chair and provide ample lighting, while also containing a large magnifying lens to make it easier to read small print. It contains a bifocal lens to make it easier to read, craft, sew, crochet, paint, and perform a multitude of other activities that require precision. The LED light offers glare-free illumination and lasts 100,000 hours. It is battery- or adapter-powered, so you can plug it in or save energy by running it on batteries for up to 60 hours.

They are also available ask desk lamps, with 12w full-spectrum bulbs for glare-free light similar to natural lighting. They are approximately 19 inches tall and include adjustable arms to make it easier to move the magnifier where needed. It also has dual-mounting options that include both heavy duty weighted desktop base and a grip-tight clamp for mounting on other work surfaces.


Portable Chair-Cane Combo

If you are suffering from mobility issues, then it can be difficult to do many of the day-to-day tasks that you enjoy. An innovative gadget doubles as both a portable chair and a walking cane, making it so much easier to run errands, go on a shopping spree, or live your golden years adventurously. Want to climb a hill and paint the spectacular scenery? This will make it easier to do so without overexerting yourself. Use the can to assist you as you walk, and transform it into a chair so you can sit whenever you need to take a break so you do not get too tired or overwork your muscles.


Sock Aids

Sometimes, it can be difficult to put on socks, especially with swollen ankles, back problems, arthritis, and other issues. Sock aids can be really useful if you have any of these issues or otherwise have difficulty bending or limited reach. Its terry cloth provides gentle yet firm grip so that you can easily pull your socks up without tearing the fabric, and the loop handles are gentle on your hands. It can be used for any type of sock… knee length, ankle, crew cut, calf length, and more.


Shoe Horn

Shoe horns are similar to sock aids, except for shoes.  They help to put on your shoes without straining. Sometimes, putting your shoes on can be as simple as slipping your foot into them. Other times, however, the back can get stuck or your heel just does not go in right, and if you have difficulty bending, then a shoe horn can help to slip your foot in the rest of the way.


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