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Condo Dignity for the Independent Elderly Part II

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In Part I of our series, we discussed a range of devices and gadgets that can help the elderly stay connected and maintain their independence. Cell phones are an obvious choice, as they can keep you in touch with friends and family, while also giving you a way to call for help, even when you do not have service. Other useful gadgets included monitoring systems and the Roomba, which can be incredibly helpful for those who want to maintain independence despite physical limitations.

I know how important it is to maintain a sense of independence. I was raised by my grandmother and saw how she struggled with certain tasks because her arthritis made it difficult for her to grip certain things. I would help where I could, but she still did most things on her own. She was a very strong woman and refused to give up. It is the same for all elderly, as well as those like me who suffer from chronic illness and just want to be able to live a normal lifewithout having to rely on anyone else.

For this reason, Part II will be focused on additional devices and gadgets that can aid the independent elderly with everyday activities, such as gardening and cooking. Most of these make small improvements alone, but together they can make a world of difference and make day-to-day living that much easier.

Electric Can Openers and Automatic Jar Openers

These are a godsend for anyone who loves to cook but has trouble opening jars and cans. Some cans are big and have really thick lids, so standard can openers will not work. It helps to have an automatic can opener for those. They are also helpful for people like my grandmotherwho have trouble using standard can openers at all due to arthritis or other physical conditions. Electric can openers can be found at most stores where small appliances are sold. As for opening jars, the automatic jar opener can be found online here or here.


Three-in-One Breakfast Stations

When you have so much you want to do, the key to doing it all is multitasking. One of my favorite kitchen gadgets is the three-in-one breakfast station because it lets me prepare multiple things at once, in one small area. It is really useful when you have limited counter space, and it is also beneficial for those with mobility issues that make it difficult to move around the kitchen while cooking.

One gadget can make a fresh pot of coffee; toast bread; and cook egg, sausage, bacon, and more. Clean-up is really easy too because the individual pieces come off. Instead of cleaning several bulky pots and pans, you only need to remove and clean the coffee pot, small non-stick griddle, lid, and toaster rack.


Apple and Potato Peelers

Cooking certain dishes can be made much easier with automatic peelers, which can be used when preparing dishes that require apples or potatoes. They make the whole process quicker and easier. Clean-up is also a breeze afterwards because you do not have peels flying around as they break off. The robotic arms also adjust according to size and thickness. These handy gadgets also eliminate food waste because they remove only the peel.

The potato peeler includes built-in storage for spare batteries and the thumb knife, which can be used to remove the potato eyes. The apple peeler includes a corer slicer for serving sliced apples or preparing apple pies, cobblers, and more. It also includes suction-grip feet for added stability.


Herb Scissors

Herb scissors come in handy for those who have difficulty cutting herbs, and it helps to cut them much more quickly. They have large, cushioned, non-slip grip handles for comfort, and they are easy and safe to store. The blade cover protects you and youngsters from cuts and scrapes, and the comb at the end of the cover makes it easy to remove debris from the scissors without cutting yourself.


Herb Infusers

Herb infusers are helpful for infusing teas, soups, broths, stocks, and more. These can be used for any number of herbs, tea bags, fruits, vegetables, and anything else that you want to infuse, while making it easy to remove them once finished. This is also useful for infusing broths with herbs without having to cut them up. If you are unable to cut up the herbs or do not have enough time to cut up a lot of herbs, then you can just place the whole herbs in the infuser. They come in many different sizes and shapes or designs.


Digital Spoon Scale

The digital spoon scale, which you can find here, is extremely useful in the kitchen. It measures in grams and ounces. You can measure up to 10 ounces at once, and it can give an accumulative measure up to 105 ounces. It also has a detachable scoop for easy cleaning.


Digital Kitchen Tablet Stand and Adjustable Wall Mount

This wall mount/stand is really helpful in the kitchen as well. It can hold your tablet for you so that you can keep up while watching your favorite cooking shows or follow an online recipe without having to keep picking it up after each step. It is easy to install, and it has a quick release button so that you do not have to struggle to remove your tablet. It also has an adjustable grip so it can hold most portable devices (tablets, surfaces, Nintendo Switch, and more).


Swivel Seat Cushion

The swivel seat cushion can make it easier to get up from desks, exit vehicles, and more without suffering aches and pains that can be caused by aging joints and muscles. The cushions are portable, and they can be used for any purpose, making it much easier to sit down or get up when at a desk, in a car, or anywhere else that requires you to turn after sitting or before getting up.


Phone Case Projectors

Technology has come a long way, and now they have projectors incorporated into phone cases. These handy cases can be used for a multitude of purposes, but they are extremely helpful for seniors with poor eyesight or those who want to show off their grandchildren to friends around the condo. Project photos or videos onto a nearby wall to better see them and show them to everyone around you without having to crowd together over your phone.


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