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Condo Design Ideas to Inspire Your Inner Artist

​If you are the artistic type, then you will want your home to reflect that. Sometimes, though, we can fall victim to artists block and have trouble coming up with ideas that we truly love and will enjoy creating. Here are some ideas that will inspire the artist within.

DIY Hanging Planters

Hanging planters are certainly nothing new, but designing your own allows you get really creative and make unique planters that will draw a lot of attention from guests. Make it completely your own with your unique artistic style, whether that means adding a lot of bling, making chandelier-style planters, or simply hanging planters using pearls or beads instead of string. You can get as crazy as you want and make each planter a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

This chandelier makes a lovely planter that would look amazing in your condo bedroom,
dining room, or kitchen. Replace lights with plants in an existing fixture and use recessed lighting instead.

Lamp Shades

Lamp shades are also easily customizable. You can take an ordinary shade and attach jewels, ribbon, and whatever else you want to create a unique design. The possibilities are endless, but you will want to use caution when doing so. Be wary of fire hazards when choosing which materials you use.


Custom Furniture

The creativity does not have to stop with décor, either. Custom furnishings can be works of art as amazing and diverse as the paintings on your wall. You can purchase custom furniture from a variety of stores, online retailers, artists, etc. Alternately, you can scrounge up some materials to make your own. Design an entire line of furniture or create several unique pieces to place in various spots throughout the condo. You can create anything from custom sofas….

This sofa from Anthropologie is stunning and unique,
with a creative flair that would make it the perfect
addition to any artist’s home.

…to custom tables

This gorgeous dining table features an acrylic pour design. Credit: Bich Nguyen

…to shelves and more.

These shelves were made using fallen branches.
Credit: Sebastian Errazuriz

Burst of Colour

Give your living area or bedroom an interesting look with a burst of colour. I love this idea of getting creative with an otherwise ordinary clock, while also tying it in with the rest of the décor.

This interesting idea features an ordinary clock surrounded by an interesting design painted on the wall,
adding a burst of colour to an otherwise blank wall and tying the room together.


Painted Doors

If you are itching to paint a mural but do not want to cover the walls, then consider painting your door instead. Painting a mural on your door draws guests’ attention from the moment they approach your condo (or bedroom or office).  It is also a brilliant idea and will not devalue your unit because you can always remove and replace the door if you decided to sell later on. Plus, it’s a mural that you can take with you wherever you move.

This door is a work of art all its own, making a statement from the moment guests
arrive. You can paint the door to your entrance for a similar effect,
or simply paint the door to your bedroom, office, or balcony.


Auberge on the Park-Tridel


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