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Caribbean Styles Can Give Your Condo a Fresh New Look

If you are looking for a new look to brighten up your condo for the summer, consider incorporating Caribbean styles for a fresh look that is sure to make you feel relaxed.


Bamboo and Rattan

Bamboo and rattan furnishings like rocking chairs and coffee tables will complement a Caribbean style nicely, and large rattan screens are excellent for covering blank walls or separating spaces. Consider placing a screen between your living and dining rooms to create a separate, intimate space. These screens also work well on balconies. Place one against the outside wall and surround it with bamboo, tropical plants, and a lounge chair or patio swing for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Carry the look over into other parts of the condo to tie the whole look together. Consider rattan blinds and doors, for instance. Place vases of bamboo around the home as well.

Dining Room

Replace your bulky dining table and chairs with a smaller table and Coventry bench in the corner for a simple breakfast nook. This creates the illusion of more space, while also providing more comfortable seating that flows well with your Caribbean theme.

Photography and Art

Hang photographs and artworks from the Bahamas around your home to make it look and feel like you are truly there. Incorporating themed art and photographs will help tie the look together.

Blue and White

A great deal of Caribbean décor is light and airy with soft hues. Opt for a primarily white scheme with splashes of colour (soft green, turquoise blue, or canary yellow) throughout your décor. Then place random bursts of tan, bronze, brass, or gold here and there for a contrast that makes the room pop without overdoing it.


Balcony Retreat

Transform your balcony into your own private oasis, where you can unwind after a long day of work and errands. Bamboo and tropical plants will go a long way in creating the Caribbean look you desire. By the time you are done, you may never want to leave home again.


Indoor or Outdoor Bar

Another excellent idea for making your home feel like you are on vacation year-round is to invest in a private bar, whether that means a larger bar in your dining room or a minibar on your balcony. Having a place to kick back with friends can make a world of difference. Bars are also great for those who love to entertain and do so frequently.


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