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Brighter condos ahead: what to do to brighten up your light-deprived condo

It would certainly be nice if we could all have corner condos where we can soak up the sun all year long. Unfortunately, that is not possible, and most condos are stuck in the shade. This can result in some pretty dim homes that leave us feeling a bit dreary. The best way to counter this lack of adequate sunlight is to make your home look and feel brighter in other ways. Certain tips and decorating tricks can brighten your condo in ways you may not have previously considered.


Accent lighting and light colours (but not glaringly white) colours can make a kitchen (and condo) appear brighter and more spacious. Real or artificial floral arrangements in bright colours, or a bowl of fruit can lighten space.


Lighting makes the biggest difference

The first, most obvious tip is to make use of indoor lighting. This goes far beyond the usual ceiling fan lighting. Give your apartment some flair by investing in table and floor lamps that add lighting where it is most needed, while showing off your personality and style. Choose lamps that fit with your décor; and be sure to use white lamp shades, as they provide the best lighting.


Light coloured walls can brighten a condominium. Here, buff greys are preferred to pure white, which tends to be too sterile, glaring and undefined.


Use light-coloured furniture, decorations, appliances, etc. Darker colours will make your home look and feel darker. Lighter colours brighten your home and make it feel more welcoming. Darker colours do not have to be banned altogether, however. Using them sparingly can provide the look you want without overdoing it and countering all the effort put into brightening your home.


Colour palettes do not have to be rigidly light. Although it’s probably desirable to keep the main wall light, a delicate wallpaper with accent colours can make it even more cheerful and livable.


Placing flowers and other plants throughout your home will also help to bring in some of that light. Invest in floral center pieces, hanging plants, floor plants, etc. Plants tend to go with everything, and they are bright and aesthetically-pleasing. Put at least one plant in every room to add a touch of natural beauty. I recommend using silk or other faux flowers. They will achieve the same effect as real flowers, but they will not wilt.


Lovely potted plants, in light ceramic containers can brighten a condo.


Avoiding extremes: light, but not white?

The walls are perhaps the most important feature to consider when decorating, especially if you are trying to add some light to your space. I do not recommend going with white or otherwise ultra-light walls if you are trying to brighten your space. While it will certainly achieve that goal, it will be too extreme and end up washing out your home. You do not want it to look like you dumped a bunch of bleach all over your condo. Stick with neutral, earthy colours like tan or light brown or pink for the walls, and the furniture and décor can be white.


Splashes of colour and accents make all the difference.


Mix in some bursts of colour throughout your condo. Use a variety of bright colours and softer pastels. This will help brighten your home, while also adding personality and making the place your own. In an otherwise neutral room, splashes of colour will draw attention and instantly make the room seem brighter and more inviting. Use soft colours in your rugs as well to contrast any bright hues. A mostly light-coloured home with a balance of earth tones and pops of colour here and there will feel brighter and roomier in no time, not to mention it will create a more relaxed, peaceful atmosphere.

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