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How to Breathe New Life into an Older Condo

A condo boom in the 1980s saw a large number of condo buildings springing up across Toronto. Twenty years later, these units are beginning to look old and worn out. This has inspired a growing number of people to complete renovations and give their condos a new, modern look. It is important to adhere to building regulations and plan any renovations ahead of time. If a renovation is on the horizon, then you may be wondering how to upgrade your older unit and turn it into the home of your dreams.


Create More Living Space with a Modern Kitchen

Adding a breakfast nook in the corner of the dining room or adding bar stools to your kitchen can provide all the usefulness of a full-blown dining room while also freeing up more space for walking and entertaining. Additional space could also be used for a home office, storage, shelving, or any other need that is not currently being filled.

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Laundry Room Upgrades

Many condo units have been built with the understanding that occupants would use the community facilities for washing their laundry. If this is the case, you may want to provide a solution that allows you to do your own laundry in your own home rather than leaving them in a community washer for the rest of the building to see. Add an unconventional laundry room to your unit by converting an unused closet. Whether you are converting a closet or already have a laundry unit, it can be quite small. Installing stacked, front-loading washers and dryers makes better use of the space provided, while allowing for additional features, such as a shelf or perhaps even a small sink, assuming plumbing options are available or permitted.

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Convert a Small Space into an Extra Bedroom

Some units have smaller spaces with slanted ceilings and other features that at first make it look cramped. These spaces are often used for storage areas. However, with a little creativity, any space can be freshened up and turned into something entirely new. Adding a bed, a small desk, and a wardrobe can turn that old storage room into a new bedroom that feels more cozy than cramped.


Free Up Cabinet Space with a Built-In Spice Rack

Converting those thin cabinets into spice racks and other similar features can save cabinet space that could otherwise be used for storing extra dishes, such as holiday platters and fine china.


Credit: Washington Post


Renovating Your Small Bathroom

Upgrading a small bathroom can seem tricky, but it certainly can be done. Replace bulky cabinets with small wall-hanging sinks and spruce up with walls with unique accents to make it seem larger. Replace the old tub with a new walk-in shower to open up even more space that leaves you feeling a little less claustrophobic.

Credit: National Kitchen & Bath Association via This Old House



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