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Binary design: super chic looks in black and white or black and gold for condominiums

Adorning your home in binary colours — notably black and white, or black and gold — décor gives it a modern feel. It also evokes a sense of elegance and sophistication. Black accessories and bold pieces of furniture catch the eye, and countering that sharpness with white décor and furnishings adds a dramatic flair to your room.


Designing in binary colours, black and white, cream and white, beige and white, gold and black is a striking way to enhance a downtown condo.


If You Are Renovating

Start with your floors. In the kitchen, use white floors and white marble countertops with black furnishings, or reverse this by using dark wood floors and black marble countertops with white furnishings. Black furnishings work best with stainless steel appliances, while black appliances will stand out more and look better against white furnishings. Plan your kitchen from top to bottom so that all pieces go well together.


Decorating in binaries — black and white, sometimes with touches of gold — can be spectacular, yet stylish.


Using contrasting floor and furnishings throughout the rest of your house will open up the space and keep it from looking washed-out. Geometric shapes and interesting patters can also liven up your space and make it feel more open and inviting.



One way to liven up a living space is by painting the walls one colour with a contrasting accent wall. Paint the walls mostly white with one black accent wall. Add some flair to it by painting a mural in white. A fantastic idea for displaying photographs is to paint a white family tree on the black background (or vice versa) and hang portraits along the branches.


Black and gold are elegant and striking.


When it Comes to Walls, Keep it Simple

Ivory walls serve as the perfect background for photographs and décor. Use black shelves and contrasting décor to keep the flow going throughout your condo. A framed mirror surrounded by bright lights is a stunning compliment to any dining area.


Striking and chick black and white design.


Finishing Touches

Once you have the color scheme going throughout your condo with furnishings, floor and wall patterns, and shelving, it is time to add a bit of flair. A vase of white roses adds just the right touch to a dark table. Ivory candles add a hint of romance and elegance. Spice up the white and black scheme with a few gold accents around your condo for a little pop of colour that does not seem out of place.


Black and suptuous gold.


Auberge on the Park-Tridel


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