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A new look at the old Murphy bed

Space saving furniture is becoming more and more prevalent these days, and one piece that can really make a difference to how much usable space you have in your apartment is the bed. Why bother  having a large piece of furniture taking up space all day when it’s not being used when you could whisk it out of the way and have the space for some other purpose?

The concept is not new. Murphy beds have been around for at least a hundred years. But today they’ve become smart and stylish and really clever.
UK furniture company Clei specializes in wall beds, like this Poppi ponte model with cupboards above, bed below. For a smaller bedroom it makes a lot of sense, freeing up space for other uses when the bed isn’t needed.

In a children’s room, or a spare room, this model from the UK (available at Resource Furniture in Toronto) could be just the solution. Called the Poppi ponte wall bed, with overhead cupboards, it converts to a bed with “one simple movement,” according to the manufacturer, Clei. The furniture maker specializes in “Murphy beds,” otherwise known as wall beds. They come in a whole range of sizes and configurations—singles, doubles, sofa beds, even bunks.

The Poppi ponte wall bed ready for use. Would a bed like this be out of place at the office?

Another option (one of dozens) from Clei is the Poppi theatre wall bed. This one cleverly drops down from the TV wall unit, as the large-screen television slides neatly out of the way.
Smart-looking television unit with shelves by day . . .
. . . converts to bed by night (or when needed).

If your bedding needs tend to be more temporary in nature, the occasional overnight visit by a friend or relative who’s just passing through, there’s this “Speedy” twin bed. It’s a cot that stands vertically when not needed, on wheels for portability. Like all the Clei beds, it converts “with one simple movement.”
Wheel it out of the closet and open it up in one simple movement. The “Speedy” bed from Clei.


















Most kids love bunk beds, and this one has the added benefit of its convertibility. A sturdy-looking sofa when it’s needed, the DocXL becomes a pair of beds in an instant.
DocXL in sofa form.
And in its alter ego, a pair of sturdy bunks for kids.



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