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61% of Canadians enjoy cleaning their homes each week — even men clean 2 hours a week: Research and Incite data

Canadians are a clean people, by and large, with 61 percent of us enjoying cleaning, mostly on Saturdays, according to National data from Research and Incite, on behalf of Vileda. That doesn’t stop 64 percent of us from wishing for “help” with the cleaning. And, yes, men do their part, cleaning an average of 2 hours per week. [For tips on “How to Love Cleaning” see the video at end of this feature.]
61 percent Canadians enjoy a spotless home and spend 2.6 hours a week cleaning their home on average.  Data courtesy of Vileda, compiled by Research and Incite.


Importantly, 63 percent of us “report that cleanliness has a positive influence” on how we feel. [1]

“Cleaning isn’t always about getting the job done,” said Patrizia Cacchione, Senior Marketing Manager at Vileda, Canada, the company who arranged the research. “It’s about making your home a place you can call your own, whether it is a two-storey loft or a studio/bachelor.”

Yes, men clean too — on average two hours a week.


Some tips to motivate cleaning inspired by the data

The researchers asked what cleaning habits respondents had developed (some of it motivation-oriented), such as:
  • 72 percent of us listen to music while cleaning to keep energized.
  • 28 percent of us get distracted from cleaning by our kids: experts recommend distracting them back by involving them in the cleaning by making it a “game.”
  • 24 percent of us get distracted from cleaning by social media: best tip, turn off the phone while cleaning.
Courtesy of Vileda, compiled by Research and Incite.

Biggest cleaning issues

The two big issues identified by the research were floors and pets. 8 out of 10 of us mop our floors, but it was considered the “most challenging issue” for Canadians. Meanwhile, we may love our pets, but 58 percent of us complain about pet hair creating a mess in the home.
Data courtesy of Vileda, compiled by Research and Incite.

Tips for making cleaning enjoyable

Some other tips for making cleaning “more enjoyable” include:
  • Watch television or listen to music while cleaning.
  • Treat yourself: make it a habit to “give yourself” something you normally wouldn’t as a reward each time you do a spectacular cleaning job.
  • Have the right cleaning supplies and equipment on hand.
  • Involve the kids, and make it a game or contest with prizes.
  • Make it part of your exercise program: watch your weight drop and get motivated by the results.
  • Postive reinforcement: like a mantra, over and over, keep telling yourself “I love cleaning, I love a clean home.”
  • Try cleaning 15 minutes a day, instead of batching all at once.


Involve the kids. Make cleaning a game they can really appreciate. Photo of Vileda Robot cleaner, courtesy of Vileda. 


Five uplifting cleaning tips for “How to Love Cleaning”:

[1] Data courtesy of Vileda. The research was conducted in 2017 by Research and Insight.
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