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Shop smarter, eat better; take your personal trainer to the store with you

Would you make better food choices at the supermarket if you had a personal trainer—make that a celebrity personal trainer—watching what you put in the shopping cart and helping you read the food labels as you shop? A Vancouver company called Portalife Solutions believes you would.
Fitness guru Tommy Europe with new app that reads food products’ barcodes and tells consumers what’s in them. It’s like having him with you when you shop, say the app’s creators.

The company had already released an iPhone app called Carrotlines, which could read barcodes on food products and tell consumers how closely that food matched their pre-set personal profile. The profile is based on 40 attributes, including things like how many calories you want to consume, whether you want vegan or organic, and whether you have any allergies. When the app reads the barcode, it displays a percentage—80%, say—which indicates how closely that product matches your profile.

Tommy-Europe-Carrotlines-nutrition-fitness-condo.caNow they’ve added the TV fitness star Tommy Europe to the mix. “It’s like having Tommy Europe in the store with you” says the promotional material for “Carrotlines Powered by Tommy Europe.”

The updated app also includes “exclusive access” to fitness and nutrition videos from Tommy Europe. Instead of setting your own food goals profile, you can use one of Tommy Europe’s recommended profiles. The app’s database contains than 40,000 products.

PortaLife Solutions, the company behind Carrotlines, says that Canadians need help reading labels. They cite a Neilson Study done last year that found 59 per cent of us are “confused” by food labels. This new app, Tommy Europe says, will help us “take control” of our eating. A browse and search feature, for example, helps consumers narrow their search before they go to the store. Making a healthy eating shopping list before you face all the unhealthy choices at the store, Tommy Europe said, is a good way to start.

Tommy Europe, a former CFL football player turned fitness guru (Four Weeks to a New You) and television personality (SliceThe Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp, Bulging Brides) and author (The 10 Pound Shred: From Flab to Fit in Four Weeks). He’s the founder of Tommy Europe Fitness and inventor of a training system known as SHRED (Strength, Heart, Resilience, Efficient, Discipline). His latest video, his official site tells us, is “4 Weeks to a New You” and shows us how to “turn your own living room into your very own gym” with no equipment necessary.

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