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2018’s top decor trends for your condo: monochrome, curved furniture, dark metal everything (think gothic), unique floors, fringes and green are all “in” for 2018

When it comes to decorating a home, one of the hardest things to accomplish is choosing the exact right design… one which combines our personal style and preferences with the latest trends, while somehow creating a look that we will not have to change up every time a fad fades into obscurity. While it may seem too daunting a task, it is not impossible.

Alternately, many people may attempt to avoid trends altogether for the very purpose of maintaining a timeless look. However, when enough people begin to follow suit, those styles and methods become the latest trends themselves.


Curvy is in for 2018 — one of the top 10 trends for 2018.


Whether your goal is to always keep up with the latest trends or to avoid them like the plague, it is helpful to know what they are. The following is a list of 2018 trends in décor. One of them just may be the perfect fit for you and your home.

By Sassa Brown

Modern Meets Monochrome

Forgive the alliteration, but this current décor trend combines modern style with chic, monochromatic furnishings and accent pieces. The rising use of single-palette design is mainly due to its simplicity. It allows for a modern, black and white look or a splash of colour that is not too overwhelming. It also brings all your pieces together for a harmonious look and feel.


Monochrome, or single-palette design, never really went out of fashion for those with good design taste (subjectively speaking), but it’s a big mainstream trend for 2018.


Curved Furniture

Many people are forgoing L-shaped sectionals and furniture that is straight and narrow in favour of curved furnishings. Round coffee tables, curved sofas, circular chairs, and more have made a splash in the latest décor trends. Curved furniture is chic and interesting, a stark contrast to traditional furniture. The furniture can have simple curves along the top, or it can be completely circular. Furniture that is completely round, however, has the added benefit of versatility. It does not need to hug a corner or take up space along a wall. It can be placed in the center of the room, in front of the television or fireplace, next to a bookshelf, or anywhere at all.


Dark metals, the more gothic the better, are in for 2018.


Dark Metals

The latest trends show a rise in the use of darker metals, such as bronze and black metallic pieces. These include dishes, sinks, door handles, and more. Replacing old silver, brass, and gold fixtures with these darker metals can make them stand out and add character.


Marble decor, nicknacks, bowls, clocks and furniture are in again for 2018.


Marble Furnishings and Décor

Just as dark metals are taking over fixtures, marble has become increasingly popular in décor and furnishings recently. Marble accents stand out amongst more traditional pieces. Decorative bowls, clocks, furniture, sculptures, and other décor can add character to any room. If you are using a monochrome theme, marble accent pieces and furnishings can make the chosen colour stand out. For instance, a black and white room could benefit from an artistic piece such as this clock.


The more unique the flooring the better. Especially in condos, this is the “standout” design feature of 2018. Unique shapes or materials are in. Concrete with coloured laminate, or exotic woods in unique shapes or strangely-patterned cork — all in fashion again.


Traditional floors are OUT — unique flooring is in

Traditional tile and carpeting no longer appeal to interior designers and homeowners, as recent trends gravitate toward unique floors that make a statement. Herringbone and ash floors are particularly popular, as are geometric and abstract patterns. Incorporating these floors is a way to add character and pizazz to an otherwise simple design.


Fringe is back in fashion.


Fringe is back

The fringe is back. Fringe mixes well with simple, rustic designs and monochromatic furnishings that use wood and other earth tone themes. Fringe pendant lights are particularly popular amongst decorators using such themes. They also work well with designs that use splashes of gold and brass.


Artisan accent pieces are critical in condo decor for 2018.


Artisanal Accent Pieces

As craft fairs and sites like Etsy became increasingly popular, trends flocked toward homemade accent pieces and artwork that added a bit of flair to homes and personal spaces. Creative individuals are honing their crafts and incorporating their own pieces into their homes, while the left-brained individuals are able to create similar looks by purchasing artwork from others.

However, recent trends have seen a dramatic decrease in simple crafts and easy DIY projects. Instead, people are choosing to fill their homes with creative, unique pieces that require the craftsmanship of a skilled artisan. Handblown glass, porcelain, and intricate woodworking are among the most desired items sought by interior decorators and homeowners alike.

Some have even gone the extra mile and commissioned paintings and other works of art from talented artists. Commissioning artwork is a brilliant move if one can afford to do so because it blends the style and charm of art with personal preferences and ideas. Honor a family member with a custom portrait or have an artist create a one-of-a-kind piece that is sure to intrigue guests.


The bud vase is the floral go-to for 2018.


Bud Vases

Less is more in the case of floral arrangements. The latest trends show that more people are setting up bud vases with single flowers and simple arrangements for a less dramatic look.


Green is back! Actually, for some of us, it never went away.


Green Themes

Green is in lately, as many people have begun to paint accent walls in the earthy hue. Drapes, bedding, pillows, and décor in various shades of green are also being used for a calming effect as well as a more natural feel, while darker shades are used for a more dramatic effect. Incorporate this cool colour in your monochrome theme or as a nice way to add some colour to an otherwise simple space that uses a lot of black, white, or wooden furnishings.


Textures on textures is the look for 2018.



Cozy fabrics and materials such as velvet and cotton are comforting and inviting. They make a house (or condo) feel like home. Who can resist stopping to touch a soft blanket, fuzzy stuffed animal, or other fluffy material in the store? It beckons to us. We want to feel that softness and comfort. So, the natural thing to do is to bring that into our homes. What better way to wind down after a long, hard day than by relaxing on a velvet sofa with our loved ones? Engaging with such textures has also been shown to have a calming effect and reduce stress and anxiety. It is easy to see why these furnishings and décor have made a comeback.

If you do use a trending style, though, be sure to add some flair to it and make it your own. Add family photographs, mementos from your favourite trips and special moments, family heirlooms, and a favourite plant.

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