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Finding a reputable real estate agent just got easier

Finding a real estate agent can sometimes be equated with finding a needle in a haystack. With more than 20,000 real estate agents in the Greater Toronto Area, how does someone looking for a realtor choose which agent to use? Furthermore, how can an agent stick out in a very crowded industry?

Traditionally, real estate agents are like favourite recipes that have been passed along between friends, colleagues and family members through word of mouth. However, the environment real estate agents are working in has changed. Agents are finding their clients are often no longer moving down the street from family and friends; instead they are relocating to cities and provinces far away from one another.

Canadians now need a larger network of reliable sources to pool from. In this increasingly accessible digital world, the answer lies in an online portal that will enable easy access to the best agents. But how can you be sure that you are in fact networking with a real estate agent who has the endorsed skill that fits your individual needs?

Modeled on the proven methodology of user-generated ranking and review sites currently being utilized to select a doctor, hotel, restaurant or other products, is Canada’s newest real estate agent rating and review site. Through this online portal, current and past real estate clients use a sliding-scale ranking system to rate their current or past real estate agent in seven influential categories. In addition, users can provide written feedback that is included in the agent’s profile. Individuals looking for a realtor are provided with reviews and ratings within a free, accessible service that enables them to locate an agent specializing in the neighbourhood and type of transaction they intend to make. This targeted list provides someone searching for an agent a reasonable sized selection of ratings and reviews to aid in an individual’s real estate agent decision. stands apart from similar services by enlisting a human reviewer that monitors each evaluation. Any flagged reviews require user follow-up to ensure that the user did have an actual transaction and experience working with the agent. This ensures truly factual and unbiased reviews. The rating system presents a diverse range of factors including experience, professionalism, neighbourbood and property knowledge, negotiation skills, communication skills and contact expectations, allowing the user to filter and search for the best real estate agent for each individual’s needs. Other tools such as an interactive forum, educational content and pertinent realty resources are available as well, offering users a single source for the most accurate, up-to-date real estate information available to Canadians today.

“Buying a home is one of the most expensive commitments that can be made,” explains Riti Verma, founder of “Trusted, experienced advice on this purchase can make the difference between an expensive commitment and a good investment.”

Searching for your next real estate agent has just been simplified.

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