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Sunday , 26 March 2017

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Features on the downtown scene, events and urban living.

NAFTA a major success for all partners, could be improved: Scotiabank

There’s no doubt where one of Canada’s major banks stands on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the one that President Trump has said he will renegotiate to make it more favourable to the US. Scotiabank Economics calls NAFTA a major success story for all three of the countries that signed the pact, with North American trade more than tripling since 1994. Millions of North Americans depend on NAFTA for their livelihood, says the bank, and the continent has remained competitive in attracting capital and retaining jobs. The trade agreement, says the bank with a wink to Donald Trump, has made North America “great(er).” According to Scotiabank, North America ... Read More »

Bureaucracy, red tape drain productivity, block new home construction: reports

Evidently, we can thank the ancient Egyptians for inventing bureaucracy, and it all started because of a boom in construction. In about 2600 BC, the beginning of the age of the great pyramids, the pharaohs began to build these monumental structures and gigantic statues of themselves and the gods to adorn their temples. A Ministry of Works was created to regulate it all, its overseer given control over vast manpower and resources. There was also, of course, a treasury, whose staff, headed by the vizier, recorded all transactions involving land and raw materials for tax purposes. The vizier, a sort of prime minister, was second in power only to the ... Read More »

Canadian companies losing cyber security battle, but opportunity knocks

Listening to the experts on the subject of cyber security, one could come away with the impression that Canada’s businesses and institutions are rather like besieged cities of ancient times, Troy, for example, surrounded, outsmarted and out-armed by their enemies, growing ever weaker and more desperate as they await the inevitable breakthrough and annihilation. It isn’t a coincidence that the ancient world’s Trojan Horse is now synonymous with innocuous-looking but deadly malware. As if to illustrate how vulnerable companies are, Canadian Tire, one of Canada’s largest retailers, came under cyber attack this week, leaving customers unable to sign in to access various services, including credit card information and transaction history. ... Read More »

Young people want Canada to do more to help the world’s poor and vulnerable: survey

Chances are that some Canadians have been disheartened by recent events both here and in the United States, events that have shown humanity’s darker, less progressive side. But this week, officially designated International Development Week, the light will be shone on Canada’s efforts to promote poverty reduction in the developing world and to support sustainable development globally. The group Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Canada, which promotes international cooperation and development in a variety of initiatives mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa, celebrates this commitment, but it also says Canada is falling short. EWB surveyed over 500 Canadians in late January, most of them under the age of twenty-nine years. The results show, ... Read More »

Airport authority unveils first look at proposed mega hub transit centre

Pearson airport has always suffered one major drawback, from a user’s point of view: its lack of accessibility by public transit. There it sits, next to the busiest stretch of highway in Canada, millions of cars passing (slowly) every week. And that image of all those cars just outside the airport perimeter neatly captures the nature of the problem. Until the UP Express opened a little over a year ago, the only way to get to Pearson was to drive, take a limo or taxi, or a shuttle bus. Public transit access was limited to local buses, hardly fitting for an airport with claims to world-class stature. Even today, most ... Read More »

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