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Saturday , 21 January 2017

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Features on the downtown scene, events and urban living.

American interest in moving to Canada remained high post election: Royal LePage

Before Donald Trump won the November election, a lot of Americans, mostly celebrities, said that they would leave the US if he did win. Many were clearly not serious. Cher said she would go to Jupiter. Jon Stewart also mentioned moving to another planet. Then, on the night of the election as the reality sank in, the Canadian government’s citizen and immigration website crashed, overwhelmed by the unprecedented volume of enquiries from Americans. And the day after the election, realtor Royal LePage said its web traffic surged by 329 per cent as Americans explored real estate possibilities in Canada. Traffic remained exceptionally high for the week after the election, coming ... Read More »

AI set for explosive growth, especially in retail, by 2020

It turns out that the billions of dollars spent and the decades of research in artificial intelligence, carried out at the world’s top academic and technological institutions, have been for one purpose: better retail. It’s true that other areas will benefit—medicine, finance, manufacturing, aerospace—but the one that counts most for the average person on a daily basis is retail. If, as everyone seems to be predicting, AI is about to transform our world, the first place we will notice the transformation will likely be in retail. AI was big at the just-concluded National Retail Federation’s BIG Show in New York City, billed as the largest retail trade event in the ... Read More »

Architect David Adjaye to speak at Toronto’s Interior Design Show 2017

Toronto’s Interior Design Show 2017 opens tomorrow at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, running through January 22. Among the big names taking part this year is the recently knighted British-Ghanaian architect David Adjaye, now Sir David, who is the International Guest of Honour. He will be speaking as part of the Azure Trade Talks series. Adjaye, who has recently been written about in the New York Times, The New Yorker, Vogue, Architectural Digest and many other prestigious journals around the world, is at the top of his game. His fame in North America, which seems to have arrived very suddenly, is largely the result of one single high-profile project: the ... Read More »

Boomerang kids taking toll on parents’ retirement plans

If you are in your twenties or thirties, there is a good chance that you live with your parents. There could be many reasons for this, but the most common one is economic. All over the developed world, large numbers of young people find it difficult to manage on their own due to a combination of unemployment or low-paying jobs and high-priced housing. Living on one’s own in an expensive city like London or Rome or New York is beyond the means of many young people, who have had to cope with powerful economic forces beyond their control—globalization, the loss of manufacturing jobs, the rise of the new economy, the ... Read More »

Toronto joins club of world cities with Bloomberg-funded innovation teams

Billionaire and former three-term mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg believes that cities are where society’s problems are most acute and where they can best be solved. In 2012, Bloomberg, through his charitable organization Bloomberg Philanthropies, began investing in innovation teams, or i-teams, in five cities. The idea was to give city governments a new way to solve problems, with team members reporting directly to the mayor and working closely with other city government departments. Effective i-teams, the Bloomberg organization believes, bring creative new approaches to old problems and are not afraid to try new ideas. They are “relentlessly” focused on results, using data and performance management to measure ... Read More »

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