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Saturday , 22 October 2016

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Features on the downtown scene, events and urban living.

Don’t fall for tech support scams; Microsoft says it never initiates contact with users


Canadians, it turns out, have a healthy scepticism about unsolicited calls, e-mails and pop-up ads offering Microsoft or other tech support for their computers. Thousands of Microsoft users in twelve countries were surveyed, and Canadians were among the least likely to fall for the so-called tech support scam that is sweeping the world. Only 4 per cent of Canadians who were contacted fraudulently reported losing money as a result. In India, 22 per cent lost money, and even in the United States, 21 per cent did so, ten times the number in the UK. Many Chinese (16 per cent) have also fallen victim. Interestingly, the survey found that it is ... Read More »

Urgent action needed to address Ontario’s growing skills gap: report


Something is very wrong with the way Ontario’s education system prepares students for entering the workforce. Ontario turns out more graduates with post-secondary education than any country in the OECD, yet many of them earn less than the national median income and are ill-prepared for the jobs they are hired to do. The province has, in fact, an excess supply of post-secondary graduates, but too many of them are choosing the wrong field of study. Employers, meanwhile, are less than satisfied with many of the workers they hire. Getting students to choose the right field of study will require a whole new approach to student guidance in education, one in ... Read More »

Economic benefits will flow from closing gender wage gap, putting more women in leadership: report


Gender equality in the workplace is a complex, difficult issue, even when that workplace is the relatively pro-women Parliament of Canada. A year ago, the new Trudeau government introduced a cabinet in which half the ministers were female, despite women accounting for just 26 per cent of seats in the House. The prime minister famously explained the move by saying, “Because it’s 2015.” Today, a private member’s bill that would penalize political parties that do not run equal numbers of female and male candidates in general elections is likely to be defeated. The government does not support it. Why not? Because, among other reasons, it would discriminate against qualified candidates ... Read More »

Despite gender gap, obstacles, women are better with money: study


Here are some new statistics that highlight the severity of the gender gap in the housing market (US), while at the same time demonstrating that women are better money managers than men. Despite facing several very daunting financial challenges, including lower incomes, less purchasing power, higher rates of interest on loans, and the necessity of living in more dangerous neighbourhoods, women in the US outperform men financially in almost every instance. They are better at paying their mortgages, they have better credit scores, and they manage to save up bigger down payments when they plan to buy a home. A report from ATTOM Data Solutions, owner of RealtyTrac, found that ... Read More »

Toronto a tech powerhouse hampered by too-slow immigration and unaffordable housing


It is the kind of announcement that makes politicians and civic leaders deliriously happy. A major international company plans to set up operations in a certain city, bringing hundreds of high-skill, high-paying jobs to the local economy. In the latest case, the company is Thomson Reuters, which recently revealed its plans to establish a new technology centre in Toronto, bringing 400 and up to 1,500 jobs with it. So important was the announcement considered that it brought the prime minister, the Ontario premier, and Toronto’s mayor to the event. For these are not just jobs, in the ordinary sense of the word. These are jobs that will build tools and ... Read More »

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