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Thursday , 26 November 2015

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Features on the downtown scene, events and urban living.

Most Canadians satisfied with their mortgages; higher minimum down payment would keep many out of the market

A group that represents mortgage brokers in Canada has released some key findings from a recent survey of Canadian mortgage consumers. Mortgage Professionals Canada, which was formerly known as the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals, or CAAMP, surveyed 2,000 homeowners with mortgages, and the results are summarized in Canadian Mortgage Trends. Fortunately, most Canadians with mortgages report that they are happy with them, in terms of size and affordability. Only 4 per cent of the survey respondents expressed regret about the size of mortgage they had, and only 3 per cent were uncomfortable with the loan-to-value ratio of their mortgage. In other words, it would appear that 97 per ... Read More »

Government accepts report recommendations for Ontario College of Trades

A report on ways to strengthen Ontario’s somewhat controversial College of Trades has been accepted by the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities. The Dean Report, commissioned in October 2014 to recommend ways in which the College could be improved, contains thirty-one recommendations. The minister, as is customary with these reports, issued a statement today saying that the government accepts the recommendations. Among the recommendations are several that relate to the way the various trades are defined for purposes of training and classification. The Scopes of Practice (SoP), as they are called, define 156 different trades in Ontario, though some of them are no longer “operable,” i.e. are out of ... Read More »

Canadians worried about money, need help with financial planning, say planners

Fear, like sex, sells. That truth evidently lies behind the strategy adopted by the financial planning industry in Ontario, which seems to be designed to frighten people into seeking their services. The CEO of the standards-setting body for the industry, the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC,) said at an industry dinner earlier this week that “the vast majority of Canadians don’t feel confident about their financial futures,” and are “confused and anxious.” They “don’t understand what help they really need and don’t know where to turn to get it,” said Cary List. There’s plenty more gloom to go around. The FPSC released the results of research carried out in the ... Read More »

Increased urban cycling could save world $ trillions: report

One way in which ordinary citizens can contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is by leaving their cars at home (or at the dealership) and getting around town on bicycles or transit. Everyone has heard this before, of course, and everyone intuitively knows it must be true: obviously if we have fewer cars spewing emissions, emissions levels will go down. What we have not had until now is a serious attempt to quantify this perceived benefit. A new study from the University of California at Davis seeks to correct that, and its results are surprising. The climate would benefit “in a big way” if more urban commuters rode ... Read More »

Gender equality far from reality in Canadian business: report

It may be self-evident that a Canadian government cabinet in the year 2015 must have gender equality, but that message certainly hasn’t reached Canada’s boardrooms. A new survey focused on women in business warns that businesses have to change if they want to grow and flourish, change meaning that they “promote and support women” in a variety of ways, including financially. The Women Shaping Business study by HR company Randstad Canada and Ipsos Reid found that more than seven in ten working women in Canada are in roles below the level of management. One of the main reasons given for this imbalance is employers’ fears that women are more likely ... Read More »

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