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Saturday , 30 April 2016

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Features on the downtown scene, events and urban living.

New Internet data show Canadians are not equally well served

The authority that manages the .CA domain for Internet users says that access speeds across Canada vary widely, from quite good in some places to very poor in others. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is urging Canadians to find out more about how the Internet works, as well as about the speeds they are actually paying for. They can do that by taking its performance test (available here). Test results can be entered into CIRA’s database to help create a better picture of service levels around the country. CIRA says that its performance test is conducted in real network conditions, with congestion and complex traffic routes, and that this accounts ... Read More »

Few millennials are ready to buy, but the housing market does not wait: BMO

Everyone is interested in what the millennial generation is thinking because millennials make up the largest demographic. It’s estimated that there are approximately 80 million of this generation, aged (loosely) 19–35, in the US. That means roughly 8 million in Canada. They are always in the news, and always being surveyed for their views on one thing and another because of their economic and political clout. The Washington Post reports today, for example, that a majority of millennials (51 per cent) no longer believe in capitalism. This was revealed by a Harvard University survey, and though the result is surprising, it is also difficult to know what to make of ... Read More »

Office condo market “taking off” in Toronto: Colliers International

It used to be that office condos were relatively scarce, mainly used by suburban medical doctors, clinics and labs.  Today, with commercial real estate experiencing strong capital appreciation and interest rates low, there is growing demand for office condos, presenting a good opportunity for developers to build more of them, according to a report by Colliers International. Among the advantages of owning a space rather than leasing it are greater control over monthly costs, certain tax benefits, freedom from the worry of having to renegotiate a lease each time it expires, and greater freedom to design the space to the owner’s taste. Demand for office condos is rising in Toronto, the ... Read More »

Canada joins modern world, adopts new standard for electronic payments

There is an organization in Canada that handles, on average, $178 billion in transactions each day, which comes to approximately $44.9 trillion each year. Despite this massive presence in the country’s financial system, this is an organization that, it’s safe to say, most Canadians do not know exists. It is the Canadian Payments Association (CPA), and millions of times every day we use it, without knowing we are doing so. The CPA builds the infrastructure for Canada’s financial market, providing the systems for the clearing and settlement of payments. The Bank of Canada and all chartered banks in Canada are required to be members, while other banks and credit unions, ... Read More »

Feeling unwell or down? Your home could be telling you something.

If you are feeling a little listless or unwell and you can’t put your finger on what’s wrong, it might be worth taking a look around your home. A new European study finds some very direct relationships between the kinds of homes people live in and the state of their health and well-being. Basically, people who live in unhealthy homes tend to be unhealthy themselves, suffering a greater number of common ailments like flu and colds than those living in healthier homes. The sense of health and well-being is not only physical; there is a strong mental health component as well. People who live in unhealthy homes do not feel ... Read More »

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