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Sunday , 26 March 2017

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New sustainability standard announced for home clothes dryers

There is no doubt that doing the laundry is one of the most resource-wasting activities we do. Washing and drying clothes at home (in the US) consumes about 850 billion gallons of water, 241,000 GWh of electricity, and produces 179 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions, according to study by the Duke University Centre for Sustainability and Commerce. Americans, the study said, could remove the equivalent of 12.1 per cent of passenger cars from the country’s roads simply by using front-load washers and dryers, washing in cold water, and hanging clothes out to dry half of the time instead of always using the dryer. It’s a little bit perplexing, given ... Read More »

Tallest wood condominium building in NA breaks ground in Quebec City

Why were the premier of Quebec and the mayor of Quebec City both at the groundbreaking for a new condominium tower in that city? Because the condo in question, called Origine, will be the tallest solid wood condo in North America. Premier Couillard and Mayor Labeaume were at the ceremony because they believe it positions Quebec in the lead of the eco-friendly tall wood construction movement. Origine, which will rise forty-one metres, with twelve storeys and ninety-two condo units, will be the flagship building of Quebec City’s ecodistrict, Pointe-aux-Lièvres. Another reason for the high-level government presence at the groundbreaking is the fact that the project is the result of multi-government ... Read More »

Mandatory energy audits for all homes before sale among Climate Action Plan measures

Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan is now officially released. It had been “leaked” about a week ago, prompting the usual media speculation and government denials about what was in it. Now it is safe to say that the measures in the plan will affect everyone living in Ontario in one way or another, and that includes homeowners and renters. The plan includes a commitment to implement a Home Energy and GHG (greenhouse gas) Rating and Disclosure (HERD) program for all properties at the time of sale. A universal home energy audit will have to be conducted before the sale of any home, and the information provided to the seller during ... Read More »

Celebrate Local Food Week: buy locally grown fruits and vegetables

One of the best things about summer is the food. After a seemingly endless winter eating food that was grown somewhere far away then flown or shipped to our part of the world, it’s a real joy to find a head of lettuce with a bit of local soil still clinging to its leaves, and strawberries that smell like strawberries. There is no food like local food, and this is the week when the Ontario government officially celebrates it: June 6–12, Local Food Week. The government, being a government, launched its third annual Local Food Week by releasing a report, the 2016 Local Food Report, which tells us, with lots ... Read More »

New waste-reduction law aims to make Ontario’s a circular economy

Ontario has passed new waste-reduction legislation, the Waste-Free Ontario Act. Consumers will be happy because the new law will do away with the so-called eco fees they have had to pay on electronics products since 2009. Those fees now add as much as $39.50 to the cost of a new large-screen television. Instead, the new law will require producers to shoulder more of the responsibility for designing products and packaging that better fit with the government’s aims of creating a “circular economy.” A circular economy is one in which there is zero waste, zero greenhouse gas emissions from the waste sector, and where all resources, organic and non-organic, are used ... Read More »

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