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Sunday , 26 March 2017

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Single-serve coffee pods, plastic water bottles among worst environmental offenders

Ontario is losing the battle to keep consumer waste out of landfill. Nine million tonnes of waste go to landfill every year, by the government’s own estimates. Only 28 per cent of Ontarians’ waste is diverted, well below the target of 60 per cent. The average Ontario family creates enough waste to fill “100 large garbage bags.” Plastic water bottles, single-serve coffee pods, plastic grocery bags and other packaging materials, paper towels, organic materials and electronics components are just some of the items that contribute to the huge volume of waste, some of it valuable, going to landfill. Despite industry claims that 70–75 per cent of plastic water bottles are ... Read More »

Torontonians want better transit, more green space in low-carbon city of the future

In 2007, the City of Toronto set the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent by the year 2020, based on 1990 levels, and 80 per cent by 2050 as part of its strategy to fight climate change. To date, the city says, city-wide emissions are down 24 per cent. The city is now moving into the next phase of the plan, the “technical scenario modeling” phase, which means deciding on the most effective ways to reduce emissions going forward. Input from more than 2,000 Toronto residents will be included in the development of the plan. TransformTO, a city initiative working with the Toronto Atmospheric Fund, has ... Read More »

San Francisco first big US city to adopt green roof by-law

In 2009, Toronto became the first city in North America to have a bylaw requiring green roofs on new residential, commercial and institutional construction. Now San Francisco has become the first big American city to do the same. As of now, new construction in the city of San Francisco must have a green roof and or solar panel. Builders and developers have the option of building 30 per cent of roof space as green or a combination of green with solar panels. An existing law already requires that 15 per cent of roof space be set aside for solar. The Toronto bylaw, in contrast, requires up to 60 per cent ... Read More »

New home composter is beautifully designed, odourless, easy to maintain

Here’s another attempt to convince urban-dwelling people of the world that they should compost their kitchen waste. This one, called the Biovessel, is from a company based in Taiwan, and it has one big advantage over most of the other composting kits that are available: this one looks good. While most composters designed for city people who don’t have backyards are pretty basic, usually looking something like a garbage bin, this one has great design and was crafted to sit on a tabletop or kitchen counter, not on the floor in some out-of-sight corner. Keeping in mind that composting requires the activity of earthworms and certain micro-organisms, it’s a fair ... Read More »

Canadian drivers have massive case of illusory superiority: survey

There’s another of those studies out, the ones that show that Canadian drivers are terrible but think they’re excellent. The tip-off to how badly distorted our self-perception is when it comes to driving is this single statistic: 98 per cent of Canadian drivers consider themselves to be polite. That is virtually every driver on the road. If it were true, if all drivers were “polite,” meaning that they always signaled when they were about to turn or change lanes, always yielded to pedestrians and cyclists, always made safe lane changes, always waved in a friendly way when someone made way for them to enter a lane of traffic, never tailgated, ... Read More »

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