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Monday , 23 January 2017

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Greener data centres will make our digital lives more Earth friendly

In one of those “top five of the year” type stories that appear everywhere at this time of year, this one from Eco-Business, the greening of data centres is included as an important development. This seemed interesting, mainly because we hadn’t thought much about a) data centres or b) how green they currently are. As it turns out, the world’s data centres consume vast quantities of energy—30 billion watts of electricity, or enough to power thirty nuclear power plants by one estimate—and most of the data they store is essentially dead, consisting of our old emails and selfies and other digital junk sitting on some always-on server. Big energy users, ... Read More »

World’s mayors called on to stop climate change with urgent action by 2020

There has been a lot of hand-wringing among the environmentally aware since Donald Trump promised to withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement. Fortunately, if former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is right (he’s the billionaire who called Trump a “con” at the democratic convention in July), it won’t matter that much if Trump makes good on his promise. The reality is, says Bloomberg, it’s the cities of the world and their mayors that hold the solutions to the climate change problems we face, and mayors “have never waited for Washington to act here in the US, and have never waited for international treaties to protect their citizens and ... Read More »

Living green walls offer inexpensive solution for polluted, stressed out cities

As the people of Toronto know too well, there is not enough green space in the city’s core. The mayor’s proposal to build a huge park over several acres of railway land would go a long way to addressing that shortage, but there are other ways that could be considered. A new report from an international engineering firm recommends that buildings in cities around the world should be “retrofitted” not only with green roofs, but with green facades as well. The benefits would be similar: reducing urban heat island effects, filtering dust and pollution from the air, helping to reduce energy consumption, and improving people’s wellbeing. The report, titled Cities ... Read More »

With climate-change denying president, business must fight for sustainability

Among the many causes for concern that Donald Trump’s election as president of the United States has raised, one of the most serious is how a Trump presidency will affect global efforts to deal with climate change. He doesn’t believe in it, calling it a “hoax” perpetrated by the Chinese to gain an economic advantage over the US. Further evidence of his thinking on the subject can be seen in the man he appointed to head the transition team at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Trump’s pick is a well-known climate change denier, and Trump has already hinted that massive de-regulation is coming. As for the Paris climate agreement, which ... Read More »

Santa Monica first city in the world to mandate net zero energy housing

The California city of Santa Monica has become the first city in the world to require all new single-family homes to be built for net zero energy (NZE) by the year 2020.  Multi-family buildings will have to use 10 per cent less energy than the existing building code allows, while all new commercial buildings must be NZE by 2030. The state’s public utilities commission has adopted a long-term plan to make all California buildings NZE and to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. NZE means that a building generates as much power as it uses. In Canada, the federal government intends to introduce changes to the national building code with the ... Read More »

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