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Monday , 30 November 2015

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Is Toronto ready for bio-digester that turns food scraps to cooking gas?

People today are quite familiar with the concept of recycling; most of us recycle at least some of the garbage we generate, even if it’s just tossing food packaging and plastic bottles into the appropriate bin on the street. More engaged recyclers take it to another level and compost their own organic waste at home. Besides the satisfaction they get from doing the right thing, they also get compost for their gardens as a reward, which is fine if you’re into gardening. What if it were possible to take it up another level and get a still greater reward for your effort? An Israeli company has come up with a ... Read More »

Workers work smarter in green buildings: study

Everyone knows that getting a bit of fresh air is a good way to “clear one’s head” and brush away the “cobwebs” that make us feel slow and stupid, especially on a warm, drowsy afternoon after a big lunch. For those who have to work in modern office buildings, with their airtight construction and chemical-emitting carpeting and furniture, the absence of fresh air can be a big problem. Feeling slow and dull at work is bad news not only for the person feeling that way but for the work as well. New research findings show exactly how much the quality of the indoor environment affects people’s cognitive performance in carrying ... Read More »

Recycle those batteries! It’s Waste Reduction Week

No doubt the timing is purely coincidental, but Monday, October 19, the day of our long-awaited federal election, also marks the beginning of Waste Reduction Week in Canada. This is a cross-country  initiative with many participating groups, one of which is Call2Recycle Canada. Its focus is on getting rid of dead batteries. Many of us don’t know how to properly dispose of used batteries, the group says, so we throw them in the trash, or hoard them in a drawer. Billions of them still end up in landfill, a bad thing for several reasons. Call2Recycle Canada hopes we will change that behaviour when we understand how easy it is to take ... Read More »

Solar windows will make every building a power generator

Every day, sunlight falls on billions of square feet of windows on buildings all around the world, and every day, people behind those windows pull blinds and curtains and shades to keep the light and heat out. But all that solar energy, wasted for the most part, could be used to make electricity. All it would take would be converting those windows into solar panels, with photovoltaic cells. With every window creating electricity, there would be less need for rooftop solar panels, and buildings could move closer to becoming carbon neutral. It’s an idea that has been circulating for a number of years now, but two drawbacks have stood in ... Read More »

Solar-powered luxury in The Maldives

Hedonism and environmental sensitivity are concepts, or lifestyles, that appear rather antagonistic. International tourism, one of the most common expressions of the hedonistic pursuit of pleasure, has a particularly poor record for environmental care. So it is encouraging to see a luxury resort with an environmental conscience, as it were, a Club Med resort, no less, win an international award for design. That resort is the Finolhu Villas, located on a paradise-like atoll in The Maldives. The architect is Japanese-born American Yuji Yamazaki. The award it won is an International Hotel and Property Award, sponsored by the London design firm Design et al. What makes the resort environmentally interesting, or ... Read More »

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