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Wednesday , 10 February 2016

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Greener retail better for customer health, wellbeing, and profit: report


Retailers could attract more customers, sell more goods and make more money if they made their stores “greener,” according to a report from the World Green Building Council (WGBC). The report, Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Retail: The Impact of Green Buildings on People and Profit, is a companion study to an earlier WGBC report on office buildings. That earlier study presented “overwhelming evidence” to show a link between an office building’s design and the users’ experience of that building. The new study seeks to transfer that evidence into the retail context. It claims to break new ground by showing retailers how they can measure the impact of “place on ... Read More »

US votes to ban all synthetic plastic microbeads by 2018

The Great Lakes and every other body of water affected by human activity could soon be getting a break from at least one major pollutant: the noxious plastic microbead. The US House of Representatives has voted, unanimously no less, to ban the bead. The ban must now be approved by the Senate. If it is, a complete ban could take effect by 2018. Canada has also moved to ban microbeads, though the status of that proposed ban is unclear as of now. The latest news from Environment Canada pre-dates the October election. On July 30, the House of Commons voted unanimously to add microbeads to Environment Canada’s list of toxic ... Read More »

Building industry commits to decarbonize, new global alliance launched

For the first time at such a gathering, COP 21, the international climate change conference underway in Paris, dedicated an entire day to buildings. A new Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction was launched, with the aim of speeding up the sector’s efforts to decarbonize. Eighteen countries, including Canada, signed on so far, as did several dozen world organizations. The new body’s aim is nothing short of “global market transformation,” meaning that by 2050 all new buildings will be constructed to net zero carbon standards, and all existing buildings will be retrofitted for energy efficiency. On the same day, the US Green Building Council (USGBC) announced a commitment to increase ... Read More »

Bill Gates launches Breakthrough Energy Coalition, hopes for “an energy miracle”

Climate change is, in the end, a business problem, albeit a massive one. All that is needed to solve the problem is some serious R&D funded by some serious investment, right now. The present energy model is broken, the solutions proposed are inadequate, and there is no time to waste. Bill Gates, of Microsoft and philanthropic fame, has pledged $2 billion of his own fortune to help solve this problem, the core of which is how to replace the world’s current energy production and consumption model so that the world’s environment is not damaged any further, while continuing to provide the vast amounts of energy the world needs in order ... Read More »

Is Toronto ready for bio-digester that turns food scraps to cooking gas?

People today are quite familiar with the concept of recycling; most of us recycle at least some of the garbage we generate, even if it’s just tossing food packaging and plastic bottles into the appropriate bin on the street. More engaged recyclers take it to another level and compost their own organic waste at home. Besides the satisfaction they get from doing the right thing, they also get compost for their gardens as a reward, which is fine if you’re into gardening. What if it were possible to take it up another level and get a still greater reward for your effort? An Israeli company has come up with a ... Read More »

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