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Thursday , 29 September 2016

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Special coverage of the GTA Condominium and lifestyle scene.

Low supply the real cause of home price growth, not foreign investors; report


Foreign investment has an impact on home prices in Toronto, but we don’t know how much; there is probably less of it than we think. Pushing densities “arbitrarily” rather than allowing the housing market to determine what forms of housing are built, and where, will have negative effects on households and businesses and “cannot help” but raise housing prices. High-rise condominium living by families could alleviate house price pressures, and some realtors think there will be a “major increase” in the number of families living in condos over the next five to ten years. These are some of the familiar topics covered in the latest research from Fortress Real Developments’ ... Read More »

Sotheby’s announces sale of landmark Integral House in Toronto


Becoming a multi-millionaire by writing math textbooks for high school and university students must be one of the more unpredictable life paths. Imagine some super-bright kid in a high school calculus class looking impatiently at his textbook and thinking, “I could explain this stuff better, and probably become fabulously wealthy doing it.” It didn’t happen quite that way for James Stewart of Toronto—he was actually approached by some of his students after he had begun teaching math at McMaster University, and asked to write a textbook because his lecture notes were better than the calculus textbook used for the course. But he did become wealthy from the books, more than ... Read More »

Toronto named third-best global “city of opportunity,” with high quality of living


And the 2016 bronze medal in the category Cities of Opportunity goes to—Toronto! Yes, Toronto, along with London and Singapore, has what it takes as a global business, finance and culture capital of the world. It takes a combination of many factors, says PricewaterhouseCoopers’ global study of thirty cities, to make a city a world leader: education, transit, health, economics and governance are the main ones. The heart of the city, says PwC, revolves around balanced social and economic strengths. Quality of life factors are at the centre of the “big city picture.” Toronto rose one place in the ranking this year, from fourth to third, due to its consistently strong ... Read More »

Union Station Revitalization project rewarded for saving electricity


Toronto’s Union Station was built in six years, from 1914 to 1920. Strangely, owing to “legal wrangling” between the various stakeholders in the station, it was another seven years before they officially opened it. In 1927, the Prince of Wales, later Edward VIII for a short, unhappy reign, cut a ribbon with gold scissors then strode across the floor of the Great Hall, followed by his brother, the Duke of York, later King George VI, and that prince’s wife, the future Queen Mother. Even the British prime minister of the day, Stanley Baldwin, was there, along with his Canadian counterpart, Mackenzie King. It was all very grand, according to reports ... Read More »

Mayor appeals to Torontonians’ vision to drum up support for rail-deck park

Mayor John Tory took to the pages of the Globe and Mail on Saturday to argue his case for proceeding with a bold new plan for a major park in downtown Toronto. The concept was revealed earlier this month and involves building the large park over the rail lands between Bathurst Street and Blue Jays Way, an area of about twenty-one acres. Tory calls it a “complex, long-term project,” but also an important opportunity. It is the last significant open space left downtown, he said, and it ought to be preserved for public space. The city must first secure the air rights above the land before anything can be built. Tory says there is ... Read More »

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