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Monday , 25 July 2016

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Hardhat tours available at Tridel’s near-complete Atria condos in North York

Tridel is inviting interested homebuyers to book a hardhat tour of its best-selling condominium community, Atria. Atria is a master-planned community from Tridel Dorsay, conveniently located on Sheppard Avenue just east of highway 404 (the DVP) and north of the 401. There are four condominium buildings at Atria—Trio (23 storeys), Alto (43 storeys), Parkside (8 storeys) and Parfait (19 storeys). Two of them, Alto and Parkside at Atria, are under construction and getting close to move-in ready. The move-in date for Parkside is this year; move-in for Trio is spring 2017 and for Parfait 2019. Tridel has three decorator-designed model suites ready to view at Alto and Parkside at Atria. ... Read More »

Only lack of inventory holding back luxury housing market in GTA: Sotheby’s


As if it weren’t bad enough that we have gridlock to contend with on our roads, now there are signs of gridlock in the high end of Toronto’s real estate market. So said Sotheby’s International Realty Canada CEO Brad Henderson on the release of the realty company’s top tier market report for mid-2016. There is such “unrelenting” demand for luxury real estate in Toronto that it is outstripping supply, causing the dreaded gridlock in the market for homes at around $1 million and up. That $1 million market, of course, is no longer considered luxury, merely “conventional,” when the average detached home in the 416 sold for $1.26 million in ... Read More »

BC real estate industry lacks ethics, transparency; higher fines recommended


It’s a serious thing when a self-regulating body that handles billions of dollars of public money loses the trust of that public. That is what has happened with British Columbia’s real estate industry, according to an Independent Advisory Group (IAG) appointed by the government to look into the industry. Alleged misconduct, the report states, combined with the perception that the Real Estate Council is unable or unwilling to take strong action to address it, has resulted in a loss of public trust. Based on its investigations, the IAG makes twenty-eight recommendations, most strikingly that fines for misconduct by individual real estate agents be increased from the existing $10,000 maximum to ... Read More »

Sleep Deprivation, the Growing Threat to Health : the Hidden “Costs of Wakefulness”


A Guide for Sleep-Challenged Condo Dwellers from the Experts A “sleepidemic” —an epidemic of “wakefulness” — may be robbing us, and especially our children, of their health and wellbeing, according to Harvard Medical School. [1] Reduced sleep is associated with shortened lifespan, and increased risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Urban dwellers, and people who might live in older homes — without sufficient noise insulation — might be at added risk of sleep deprivation. “Many experts suggest that quality sleep is as important to your health as good nutrition and exercise.” [1] “Not getting enough sleep alters insulin resistance, which is associated with an increased risk of developing type ... Read More »

More parents using reverse mortgages to help adult children buy homes: bank

More Canadian parents with adult children are looking for ways to help those children financially, especially with the purchase of a home. Young adults in expensive housing markets like Toronto and Vancouver are finding that help from the parents is the only way to get onto the property ladder. As property values have risen dramatically over the past ten years, many of those parents are now in a good position to provide that help. The solution recommended is a reverse mortgage. The parents tap into the equity (up to 55 per cent) in their home and use it to provide a loan to their adult child, who in turn uses ... Read More »

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