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Monday , 20 February 2017

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Tridel company shows environmental leadership with textile recycling program

This may surprise you: the second most polluting industry in the world, after oil production, is—fashion. More specifically, textiles. According to the advocacy group Circle Economy, when you consider the heavy use of resources, including land, water, energy and chemicals, required to produce textile fibres, and the fact that so much of the final product is quickly discarded, after having been shipped vast distances on fossil-fuel-burning container ships, in the “fast-fashion model” of production and consumption, you have enormous amounts of textile waste and unsustainable resource depletion. Global textile production is already at about 90 million tonnes per year, the group says, the equivalent of 80 billion garments. And that ... Read More »

Fewer single homes, more condos, tight market conditions for 2017: survey

Sunny but partially overcast appears to be the forecast for the Toronto new homes market as 2017 proceeds. Whether one sees the sun or the cloud cover will depend on one’s vantage point. The market will experience “modest but healthy” growth and will remain tight, favouring those with money and becoming less attainable for those without it. Fewer new low-rise homes will be built, while the condominium market will continue to grow, bolstered by the baby boomer generation’s move to luxury condos for retirement. Younger people, especially the millennials, on the other hand, are more likely to rent than purchase, despite their relatively high interest in home ownership as a ... Read More »

Despite high prices, buyer intentions strong in Toronto housing market

In every month for the past three years and more, sales of existing homes in Toronto were higher than in the previous month, measured year over year. Now the first sales report for 2017 is in, and the upward trend continues. The Toronto Real Estate Board reports that January sales were up 11.8 per cent compared to January 2016, with 5,188 residential transactions recorded. As TREB puts it, 2017 picked up where 2016 left off, with higher sales, fewer new listings, and double-digit price increases. The strongest sales growth by home type was in the condo sector, up 26.7 per cent throughout the GTA, virtually identical in the City of ... Read More »

Tridel announces Via Bloor, new condo residences, retail on Bloor Street East

Unlike so many areas of downtown Toronto, the stretch of Bloor Street East between Sherbourne and Parliament has remained virtually unchanged for many years. The north side of Bloor runs parallel to the Rosedale Valley at this point, and, with no buildings to obstruct, offers a pleasant view of greenery to pedestrians and motorists. The Castle Frank subway station is the main feature on this side of the road. The south side of the street has few buildings, one notable exception being the Church of St. Peter and St. Simon, which dates to 1887 and was originally built to serve the “south Rosedale” Anglican community. A little further west is ... Read More »

Suites at Tridel’s Selene now selling, offering affordable luxury for Toronto homebuyers

With all the talk of rising home prices in Toronto and the difficulty some first-time buyers are having qualifying for mortgages these days, Tridel, Canada’s pre-eminent and most trusted condominium developer offers a beautiful solution: “affordable luxury” at its latest offering, Selene at Metrogate. Suites at the final instalment of the master-planned community at Kennedy Road and the 401 are now selling. They are likely to sell fast, if past sales at Metrogate are any indication. Those prices really do present an affordable option, beginning at just $283,500 for a one-bedroom suite plus den (1A + D). Tridel is currently offering a full range of suite sizes, from the 1A ... Read More »

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