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Tuesday , 31 May 2016

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Interior design tips, trends, how-tos and features.

Algae-based packaging, multi-purpose garments win Lexus Design awards 2016

The world’s oceans are filling up with plastic garbage, so it is fitting that a possible replacement for plastic should come from those same oceans. A gelatinous material called agar, derived from algae and used mainly in food, could provide the solution to the world’s insatiable appetite for packaging. A trio of Japanese designers have won this year’s Lexus Design Award, announced at the Milan Design Week 2016, for their Agar Plasticity prototype. The team, known as AMAM, were mentored in the process by British designer Max Lamb, seen in the photo above. Their project uses agar, which is commonly used as a thickener in Asian foods. The team’s work ... Read More »

Electrical safety and design tips for renovating the kitchen

Ontario’s Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) and designer Kimberley Seldon are reminding homeowners that home renovations involving electricity need extra care to ensure safety. They have collaborated to set up a program called Power Your Reno to help Ontarians better understand the risks and the proper procedures for working safely with electrical wiring. Faulty wiring causes more than one-quarter of all electrical fires in homes, the ESA says, but barely half of Ontarians are aware that anyone hired to do electrical wiring in their home must be a licensed electrical contractor (LEC). It is illegal to do paid electrical work without a licence, and it is illegal to hire an unlicensed ... Read More »

Grey touted as perfect neutral for every room in the home

The colour grey gives life to everything in a room. Does that sound surprising? Isn’t grey the dullest colour on the palette, the Gloomy Gus of décor? Not so, say decorators and colour experts. In the first place, there is no single grey; there are literally hundreds of shades, and each of those many shades has its own characteristics, all of which go well with other colours in the room, to the point that gray walls will take on a hint of the hue of the furniture. This is because grey is not, as many suppose, a half-and-half mix of white and black. Rather, most greys contain other colours, and ... Read More »

French fashion for your cat from Meyou Paris

French fashion design, some would say, is sans pareil, the standard by which all others are measured. Even people who say they don’t care about fashion know the names—Chanel, St. Laurent, Vuitton. Now, if a certain Paris-based design team is correct, they will be able to add another name to the list of trend-setting designers: Meyou. Meyou Paris, as the newly established fashion house puts it with tongue in cheek, is a new brand of accessories and “classy furniture for discerning cats.” It is an idea whose time has come, based on the observation that there should be a “bond between our cats’ comfort and our love for design.” From ... Read More »

Versatile, sophisticated white named Colour of the Year for 2016

The year 2016 is still almost three months away, but the people at Benjamin Moore Colour Studio no doubt want to give designers, decorators and do-it-yourselfers an early heads-up on an important piece of news: the Colour of the Year. The “highly anticipated” colour is—white. Not strictly a colour, of course, but white is “transcendent, powerful and polarizing,” according to Ellen O’Neill, the creative director at Benjamin Moore. It is a design essential. The white to ask for is Simply White OC-117. White is not just a design trend, said O’Neill. Its popularity with decorators, even its necessity, is “quantifiable” in the décor industry. Variants of white make up five ... Read More »

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