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Saturday , 25 March 2017

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Toronto’s office vacancy rate lowest in NA, finance sector a key driver

Canada’s commercial real estate sector is on track for setting a new record for transactions completed in 2016. Investment in Canadian commercial real estate reached $11.2 billion in the third quarter, reports CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm. To date, investment totals $27.4 billion; CBRE predicts that the year-end total will exceed $35 billion, the highest ever. A large share (41 per cent) of the capital invested in the third quarter came from foreign sources, and most of that was directed at Canadian hotels, though every asset class posted strong gains. Toronto attracted the largest share of investment. CBRE said in a statement that appetite ... Read More »

Financial advice group emphasizes “winning” for Credit Education Week

Debt is depressing and can be hazardous to your health. People who are seriously in debt often feel hopeless, ashamed, and isolated, which makes getting out of debt all the harder for them, as they give in to feelings of “what’s the use?” and lose control of their lives. That sense of failure and helplessness can lead to suicidal thoughts. Psychologists and credit counsellors agree about the link between debt and depression, and according to Credit Canada, it is becoming more common. A sense of failure and its accompanying depression are not the most motivating of feelings when change is needed. Winning, and feeling like a winner, are. So Credit ... Read More »

Should realtors worry? Ontario law firm sets up own, fee-flexible brokerage

You do not need a real estate agent to buy or sell a home, but you do need a lawyer. Many people sell their homes privately, but a lawyer must be involved for the closing, which basically means the transfer of clear title from the vendor to the purchaser, and taking care of certain bookkeeping tasks like outstanding taxes and utility bills. The lawyer will also be expected to review the agreement of purchase and sale, and, in the case of a condominium transaction, the condo declaration. This being so, it’s a little bit curious that more home purchasers don’t choose to skip the intermediary—the realtor—and deal directly with the ... Read More »

Canadians looking for fairness, authenticity to overcome their cynicism toward government, business

Don’t read the comments. This advice is often aimed at both readers and writers who consume or contribute to electronic media, such as online versions of daily newspapers, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. As anyone who has ever read said comments knows, no matter how innocuous, innocent, uplifting, inspiring or just plain amusing posted stories may be, there will be trolls and haters who find in them only ugliness and bitterness and reason to rant and rave. You really have to see it to believe it. Better just to avoid the headache and don’t read the comments. The reality is, of course, that social media have made ... Read More »

BMO: Housing Prices Won’t Decline in Toronto Regardless of Monetary Policy

Analysts at the Bank of Montreal doubt interventions by the Bank of Canada will have any impact on the ongoing surge in home sales and pricing. “None of the major drivers of Vancouver and Toronto’s housing market are pointing downward.”  —Douglas Porter, chief economist at BMO,  in a draft report. The report adds weight to a CREA report that higher prices are expected to continue through 2016. Upwards pressure on pricing will continue due to short supply, demographics, the jobs situation, urbanization, and the influx of foreign investments. This might be good news for sellers, as well as give hope to buyers that the value of their investment will continue to ... Read More »

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