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The Captain’s Suite — William Shatner Calls Out Condo Developer, Hilarity Ensues

On November 21, William Shatner sent out a tweet, calling out condo developer Brad J Lamb for using the actor’s name and likeness. You can’t buy publicity this good.

William Shatner reached out, tongue fully in cheek, to complain about the use of his name and likeness in a Hamilton condo development.


Shatner’s tweet sparked a conversation between his fans, who had a field day with their Star Trek-inspired responses.


Others feigned shock and outrage at the developer’s audacity to place their favorite celebrities so low in the condo hierarchy.




The name of the condo stems from the building’s location, as it is being built on the site of a local television station. Television City features a variety of condo layouts, which at the time were named after movie and television personalities, whom Lamb “grew up loving.”

Lamb has since removed those names and clarified that he had no intention of profiting from anyone’s likeness; rather, the naming of the properties was meant to be tribute to his favourite stars.

However, Shatner remained unhappy with the situation and claimed it was too little, too late. He wanted the condo developer to go a bit further to make up for the “damages.” He tweeted to Lamb,

“Removing my name doesn’t exonerate you for damages for using my brand in a commercial venture. I understand you are a kind gentleman; let’s settle this like gentlemen. I have a charity. I would like you to give a nice big donation in lieu of having to talk to my lawyers. Deal?”

Lamb responded to Shatner, offering to make things right and to continue the discussion in private. “We contribute to multiple charities so I would be more than happy to discuss your charity offline,” he tweeted. “Please feel free to contact me anytime through my office.”

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