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Sunday , 26 March 2017

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Supply or demand problem? Foreign buyers tax or not? No unanimity in Toronto’s housing price debate

After years of rapidly rising Toronto home prices and endless debates among real estate and building industry stakeholders about the causes thereof, the mayor has asked for a report on the subject and plans to call together a panel of experts for advice about what to do. One possible action could be to impose a foreign buyers tax in Toronto, as was done in Vancouver last summer. The purpose of such a tax would be to dampen demand for housing, and thus ease upward pressure on prices. To impose such a tax, he would need the approval of the province. The mayor’s comment that there has not been “any kind ... Read More »

Tridel company DelSuites wins prestigious award for sustainability

It might be, the next time you book a hotel room somewhere in the world, that your top concern is the price. Everybody wants to get a good price, as the Trivago guy never stops reminding us. But for business travellers and other people who need more than just a few nights’ stay in Toronto, there’s another option you might not have thought of: corporate housing, also known in Canada as furnished accommodation. And the name to look for in corporate housing in Toronto is DelSuites, a member of the famous Tridel group of companies. DelSuites is just now celebrating its latest award. The US-based Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) ... Read More »

Wind power now provides more renewable electricity in the US than hydro

For the first time, wind power now has greater generating capacity in the United States than hydroelectric power, making it the most important source of renewable energy in the country, according to a report in Proud Green Building. The Department of Energy reports that at the end of 2016 installed wind capacity reached 82,183 megawatts, enough to power about 24 million homes. Wind supplied about 5.5 per cent of the country’s electricity in 2016, and in five states it was more than 20 per cent. Iowa got 36.6 per cent of its electricity from wind in 2016. Growth in wind has been aided by federal tax incentives and state mandates ... Read More »

Women make better investors, now they need to develop confidence

Here’s a slogan a lot of women might feel they can embrace: “Invest like a woman, because money is power.” In the days leading to and following International Women’s Day on Wednesday, there have been numerous stories about how women are different from men when they invest. All of them come to one common conclusion: women tend to be better at investing than men, though women confess that they are made nervous by stock market volatility and that they lack men’s bravado, much of which is fueled, it turns out, by higher levels of testosterone and cortisol in their blood. One academic study goes so far as to attribute women’s ... Read More »

If housing were more commodity, less investment, could we solve the supply problem?

In a well-functioning free market economy, consumers expect to buy the goods they need at a reasonable, stable price, which can be defined as one that comprises the costs of production, distribution, and retailing, and the profit taken by the producer. As long as the price of a loaf of bread remains more or less stable over time, consumers are satisfied to pay it. But when the cost of gas at the pump spikes because of external forces that are invariably beyond the control of any local market, or even national governments, let alone consumers, there is typically an outcry, then grudging acceptance. Housing is different in that it is considered ... Read More »

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